Belly Button Tattoo Designs For Girls

Belly Button Tattoo designs are becoming more popular with girls looking to get a tattoo sexy and elegant. Navel tattoos draw attention to the stomach, a zone of very provocative and sexual body of a woman. The growing popularity of belly button tattoo designs coincided with the progressive movement of society away from traditional Western conservative views, more liberal life based on freedom of expression and a more liberated sex and sexuality.

The navel has certain advantages over other parts of the body as a site to get inked. First, the belly button tattoo designs can be easily concealed for work or other formal occasions. Outside the workplace, a cut up or shirt, or a bikini can be worn to really show you the tattoo design belly button off to the world. The second benefit of belly button tattoos is that the stomach is a muscle area of the body devoid of bone, which means that getting inked around the navel will be less painful than a bone area, such as the ankle. The small size of most tattoos belly button also helps to keep the pain to a minimum, small tattoos are faster in ink, all other factors being equal.

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