Hairdos for Long Hair

Long hair is the most versatile length, yet it is the length that requires the most work. Long hairdos are great for any occasion, formal or informal.  Consider these long hairdos for your next look.

The long layered hairdo - features long layers cut in throughout the style for a very flattering finish.  The layers help to cut some bulk from the hair and allow the hair to lay smoothly.  Layers also help to alleviate overall frizzy hair.

Add some sideswept bangs to the style for an added modern touch.  Different types of bangs are also an option, consider fringe, straight or a full textured bang.

All over curls, all over straight are also options for the long hairdo style.   See more hairdos for long hair

short hair styles for men

There are a variety of different short hair styles for men depending on their respective tastes and preferences. Some prefer to make a statement and attempt to simply be different from the rest of the crowd while others prefer to be more discrete.Some men look good with even or spiked hair but shorter styles may be more suitable for others. Some examples of such styles are the Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller, who looks great with a buzz cut or even Russell Crowe suits the short Caesar cut he wore in Gladiator.

There are a number of styles to choose and so it is understandable that the vast majority wish to use a style that is short and easy to maintain. This is so since short hair is easily maintainable and does not take much time to style.
Short hairstyles are always going to be considered as fashionable and very stylish. When one goes to his barber who should give suggestions that would suit his face. Each man would find a different style suitable depending on fashion style and facial features.
The crew cut stands as one of the most popular shot cuts and suit most while medium or longer styles are usually suitable only for certain people.
Although there are many choices it needs to be noted that confidence in one’s choice is paramount. It is always helpful to consult a hair stylist who can readily provide advice about the style that would best suit a person. Some even choose to go for dying their hair at it also changes the way they look.

If one is certain that one wishes to choose a short hairstyle for men then he should consult his hairstylist beforehand who will listen to his needs and advise as to what kind of style one should go for as well as how one wants the finished hairstyle to look. Once the haircut is completed, one should make sure he is happy with the style before leaving as if one is unhappy the hair stylist has the right to ensure the customer is completely satisfied.

short wavy hairstyles

Modern short hairstyles definitely come in countless variations of this day. Gone were the days that short hairstyles look very boring if you have options in terms of styling them limited. With the arrival of famous hair trends and hairstyles, short hairstyles have really become popular with many people.

Short wavy hairstyles are also very famous today. Popularized by many celebrities like Meg Ryan, Julia Stiles, and Chris O’Donnell, short wavy hairstyles look very stylish as well they complement your features.

As you have noticed, even if your hair is wavy, you can still choose to wear it short. There are several short wavy hairstyles for you to choose from. All you need to do is to go on a little searching, and seek advice from a professional stylist to know what hairstyle would be great for your features.

Meg Ryan’s short wavy hairstyle is very popular that many women have chosen to sport this kind of hairstyle. This hairstyle looks great on both light and dark hair and perfect for almost all types of faces. It gives your face a casually elegant appeal with the messy look.

The short wavy hair wearing Gwen Stefani is a classic. Looking very much like that of Marilyn Monroe decades ago, this short wavy hair is still a scene stealer for blondes. And it has gained popularity among women with dark hair as well.

Another great-looking short wavy hairstyle is one that flows in gentle waves to the neck about an inch below the earlobes. Usually parted on one side, the front cut longer than the rest of the hair to hide most of the other side of your face for that dramatic look intriguing.

Whether the hair is quite short cut or left with a few inches from the waves, men with short haircuts wavy look dashing and casual.

casual salwar kameez 2011

Casual Wear Salwar Kameez

Casual Salwar Kameez Summer

Casual salwar Suit

Designer Casual Salwar Kameez

bazaar Casual Salwar Kameez Design

bob hairstyles 2011

Checkout the most classy and romantic bob hairstyles for 2011 for all those ladies with medium wavy and fine hair. For those of you with very thick hair its a great idea to go for the romantic bob to avoid having a poufy hairstyle. best bob hairstyles 2011 include the angled bob, for women with circular face to make you appear thinner. Latest 2011 angled bob styles are best because are great for any women with straight hair. Latest bob hairstyles of 2011 like the blunt bob is an appropriate for your hair as this reduce the big curly and makes it thiner. You can straighten your hair everyday to avoid the curly locks. Bob hairstyles 2011 suits most women that have as well thick or too high-quality curly hair must not go for this lower. The latest modern curly bob from bob hairstyles of 2011 are also very modern and great for women with thin hair that can make the hair look biger with big curls. Keeps the locks for a longer time than the chin and also the neck to balance the style. You can have curls but if your head of hair is spiral don't cut it too short. For women with oval shaped faces looks great with the longer haircuts to have short bob hairstyles 2011. Fantastic straight locks with small bob from bob hairstyles 2011 is also a fantastic hairstyle for the longer version in case your confront is circular is circular. Here are the photos for the best trendy bob,romantic bob haircuts, 2011 for short hairstyles, best pixie haircuts 2011.

Organza Wedding Dresses

Organza Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder Wedding Dresses Enable You to Break Away From Lousy Cliches on Fashion

Everything moves forward. Certainly, this makes sense on the transformation on most people' s concepts and appreciation for beauty. As elites for fashion, lots of designers do keep aware about those changes and consider exploiting their minds for some groundbreaking design ideas as their obligations. Luckily, a really large amount of beautiful accessories is available on the present market.
Organza Wedding Dresses

Plus, the great facilitation created by Internet enables trend followers to realize their aspirations for style in a more economical method. Then, what the large amount of trend followers should do is exactly to keep an open mind to kinds of fashion trends. And occasionally, be confident to try some different fashion styles. Believe it or not, updating your definition on vogue probably usually makes you do better in expressing your individuality.

Nowadays, lots of benefits follow behind a fashionable appearance. Most fashion-conscious people do have already recognized this. Nevertheless, contemporary people develop a stronger sensibility about selecting articles to decorate their figures and complexions. It' s a reality that they experienced a sharp increase on their purchase capabilities. But this does not make them blind followers for excessively luxurious trends. In most cases, they do well in accentuating their own taste. Also, the deeper awareness makes most modern people self-assured in breaking away from some lousy cliches on vogue. When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, this especially becomes clear.

However trend or people' s aesthetic appreciation varies, wedding gowns will be an eternal force in the fashion industry, because a solemn wedding ceremony with a chic or elegant bridal wear is forever the biggest dream for almost each girl. Since modern girls more look forward to new paths on the wedding dress arena broken by groundbreaking design themes, most artists do keep energetic about overthrowing those pre-existing motifs. Amongst newborn fashion darlings, one shoulder wedding dresses absolutely trigger one of the biggest impacts.

One shoulder wedding gowns refer to styles that carry single shoulder straps. Honestly speaking, this kind of version has not been something new at present. One-shoulder prom dresses are frequently seen on some high-end award ceremonies and launch events. They have become one of the favorite options for many celebrities, which certainly make these styles great options to complete gorgeous appearances on solemn nuptials. Then, does a chic single-shoulder wedding dress really fit you?

Because of the special configuration, a single shoulder wedding dress usually makes the wearer' s silhouette much slimmer. To fully show the original appeal on the unique neckline pattern, you are strongly suggested to spice it up by a simple necklace that is made by a cluster of twinkling pearl, crystals or gemstone directly. The beauty oozing out from the understated pattern and eye-catching sheen has been alluring enough, which ideally accents the noble sensation revealed by the asymmetrical wedding gown. Then, when it comes to choosing the strap style, length and color on your single-shoulder wedding dress, some significant tips are shared below.

Organza Wedding Dresses

First, if you want to make your wedding ceremony solemn and romantic, it is wiser to go for a long bridal wear. In most cases, a wedding dress with a hem reaching to the floor seems dolce and elegant. Due to the asymmetrical pattern, the accentuation on femininity presented by one shoulder wedding dresses becomes more appealing undoubtedly. Second, the strap design should fit the delicate theme of your wedding gown. If you choose a mermaid one-shoulder style, the strap should not carry extravagant decorations. But if the strap is made to be spaghetti-like, it does not look great either. Most of time, ruffle, flower, beads and ribbons are popular accessories on the shoulder straps. Finally, referring to the color, you are still suggested to embrace the elegant and chaste sense of beauty made by white. A white floor-length one-shoulder wedding gown has captured favorable impression from lots of modern girls because of looking chic and gorgeous. To add some unique touches to your wedding semblance, don' t forget to take it into your consideration please.

Article Source: By Anne Nyleve

Moustache Types

Moustache Types - Moustache Names

A mustache serves as a symbol of masculinity for some. Some men wear it just because they think it looks good. Some men have never gone without a mustache, so they probably have one out of plain habit. Some men accompany mustaches with a beard, and mustache types are so varied that they can choose one and flaunt the facial hairstyles for young men that they try out! You might not believe it, but there are World Beard and Mustache Championships held to judge who has the best mustache in the world! Read below for some plain, trendy, simple, complicated, and some outrageously outrageous mustache styles and names.



Famous Personality Who Sported It
Toothbrush Grow a full mustache. Then shave off the sides of the mustache, keeping only an inch or two right below the center of the nose.

Adolf Hitler, Otto Frank
Hungarian Allow your hair to grow right from the top of your upper lip. Once enough hair has grown, make a parting, and pull the hair on two opposite sides in such a way that it remains big and full in the center and tapering towards the ends.

Lajos Kossuth
English A classic British style mustache. It is a narrow mustache. It begins at the upper lip, right in the center, and as it grows, it is pulled sideways into whiskers. Curl the whiskers slightly upwards. This mustache was quite popular with English soldiers and important men during their colonial regime in the early 1800s and until later.

Snidely Whiplash
Fu Manchu This one, you may have seen on quite a lot of Oriental characters in Asian movies. It is nothing but a mustache that begins normally, and as it tapers, towards, the ends are allowed to grow long and turn downwards, often times, way below the chin.

Dr. Fu Manchu (fictional), Jimi Hendrix
Dali This style is named after the famous artist Salvador Dali. He sported this style, which involves an extremely narrow mustache at the upper lip, and the ends curving sharply upwards. The other portion of the upper lip must be shaved clean.

Salvador Dali
Handlebar Most commonly worn by Italian men in movies, this mustache is bushy at the center, and tapers towards the end. The edges are very gently curved upwards.

Rollie Fingers, Franz Ferdinand
Chevron This is probably the most widely sported mustache in the world. It's a no fuss mustache with just enough growth on the upper lip, and any excess or stray hair being cut or trimmed to give the face a neat and mature look.

Tom Selleck, Orlando Bloom
Horseshoe This is the one that is shaped like a horseshoe (duh!). Many people confuse it with the fu manchu because of the downward droop that both have. They look remarkably alike, except for the fact that the horseshoe mustache ends on the face, while the fu manchu extends even below the chin.

Hulk Hogan, Taylor Potts

Facial Hair Styles

Facial Hair Styles - Facial Hair Styles for Young Men
The kind of options that are open to an individual are very large in number, and since each person has a different and unique rate of growth, each person must choose the most appropriate facial hair styles with some common sense. The best option of course, is to sport a full fledged beard. But gone are the days when these beards did not require any grooming or trimming. Nowadays, these beards are much harder to maintain. You have to trim and groom the beard every single day, so as to ensure that it is all under control. Learn some beard trimming tips to help you.

The key here is to experiment and to pay close attention to feedback. It is the people around you who can be the best judge of your facial hair styles. While I am not contradicting myself by saying that you should style your beard or mustache exactly the way someone else wants you to, I am merely pointing out that if something is amiss about your facial hair style, then the people around you will let you know. Learn to pay attention to what they say.

You can opt for a french beard or its alternatives, you can grow a goatee, a chin patch, a chin strap, the mutton chops or the handlebar mustache etc. the list just goes on and on. You must keep the following pointers in mind before and after you decide to try out different facial hair styles.
  • Experiment as much as you like, but if something is not looking good, accept that and get rid of it.

  • You can try a partial goatee. Here you will grow the mustache, the chin patch, and some of the hair on the chin. The joining bars in between can be removed.

  • DO NOT forget to trim and groom the beard on a regular basis. Just because you're growing some kind of beard, does not mean that you can let it grow wild.

  • Choose the length of your sideburns carefully. Too long or too short can ruin the entire look of many different facial hair styles.

  • Instead of growing a full fledged beard, keep a stubble instead. This is easier to maintain and looks civilized as well.

  • Do not shape your facial hair styles weirdly, and do not dye it under any circumstances whatsoever.

  • Instead of experimenting excessively for no apparent reason, try the simple clean shaven look instead.

the shape of the face of the person also plays a telling role in determining which facial hair styles would suit one the best. People with triangular faces should opt for fuller beards or stubble. People with square faces should sport light beards that lends a slender look to their face, along with a suitable haircut. People with round faces can try for french beards and goatees, and people with oblong faces can sport very light stubble to make their face look fuller.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Colorful Wedding Dresses

The Right Colored Wedding Dress

Adding colour to their gowns expressing their personalities and to keep the wedding look updated.
Color could be added to a wedding dress with embroidery, a band at the top of the neckline or bottom of the hem, within the open train, or a sash around the waist. Wedding brides are incorporating their best colors be it purple, green, or black or just adding color to match with their wedding party. Brides in China wear red and a bride from Ireland may have a bodice of emerald green velvet.
Colorful Wedding Dresses

You may desire to choose a wedding gown that isn't white at all. It will be surprising to your guests, but it will also be memorable. If you want to make sure that a colored dress still has the feel of a wedding dress, choose a silhouette that your average wedding guest wouldn't wear - like a full skirted ball gown. It may be rich gold or deep violet, but it will still resemble a traditional wedding gown.

Maybe you have a classic dress that is a family heirloom that has unfortunate staining. If the fabric is in good shape, speak with a professional and find out if the dress will withstand being dyed a slightly darker color. It's a great way to preserve a piece of your family history.
Colorful Wedding Dresses

You don't have to have a bold colored dress. Some brides opt for a colored dress for practical reasons. It may be that the pure white of a traditional dress doesn't flatter your skin tone or maybe this isn't your first wedding. In any case, you may choose a dress in a subtle champagne, silver, or a pale pink. Adding color to your wedding dress doesn't have to be some huge fashion statement.

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Facial Hair Styles for Men

Facial Hair Styles for Men - Popular Facial Hair Styles for Men

Beards Styles
There are many beard styles that you can sport. You can bring variations in them by experimenting with their length and breadth as per your choice. By using razors and trimmers you can keep them thick or thin and bring variety to the facial designs.

Full Beard
Those who have good quality facial hair can go for full beards as they are always in fashion and very popular. Men with wide jaw lines and not so good skin texture can go for this style as it makes the jaw line look perfect and hides the bad skin as well.

Goatee runs from the edge of the lower lip to the chin. It is one of the popular facial hair styles for young men as its easy to maintain and goes with just about any fashionable look. Goatee is an ideal option for people with an elongated chin.

Soul Patch
It is again one of the upcoming beard styles for men. Soul patch is small area below the lower lip that do not really reach the chin. This facial hair style is very easy to maintain and hence a popular choice for many.

Chin Curtain
How about looking like some head strong rock band guy? A chin curtain can make you look like one. In this style hair growth on chin area further meets the sideburns forming a curtain of hair. This a good style for men with oval shape face.

Mustache Styles
Mustaches have always been the sign of masculinity and with time there have been many changes in the ways men adorned the mustache. Given below are some of the popular mustache styles that you can choose from if you are wondering how to grow a mustache in different style. You can also combine these mustache styles with beards or wear them solo.

Chevron is one of the common and classic mustache styles for men. It is preferred by many people as it is easy to maintain and looks professional as well. So a guy who wants to look mature and impress the girls around can go for this facial style.

In this style a narrow mustache with long points is curved steeply upwards. It is named after an artist Salvador Dali who sported this type of mustache and made it popular. Men with square shaped face are ideal for this kind of mustache style.

Fu Manchu
Would you like to have a cute Chinese style mustache? If the answer is yes then Fu Manchu is an ideal option for you. In this mustache the whiskers are grown very long, even below the chin.

This mustache is quite similar to Fu Manchu but the only difference is that it does not hang down the chin. This style involves full mustache with vertical extensions from lips to the jawline that resembles an upside down horseshoe.

Sideburns Styles
If you are a man who neither likes beard nor a mustache then experimenting with sideburns is definitely worth a try. For people who love sporting facial hair can combine sideburns with mustache and beard for a better look.

Stretched Sideburns
If you are bored with regular sideburns then you can have a new look without taking much efforts. Just let the sideburns grow a little extra, say till the earlobes. This looks trendy as well professional.

Square Sideburns
This is one of the popular facial hair styles for men. It involves growing stretched sideburns a little wide and shaping them in squares or rectangles. You can also shape them like pointed sideburns to get a cool look.

Tapered Sideburns
Those who long for a rugged hunk look can go for tapered sideburns. In this facial style the half part of the sideburns which is close to the ears is grown vertical and the later part is tapered to resemble 'L' shape.

Mutton Chops
This is one of the coolest and popular facial hair styles for men. You must have seen many fancy bikers sporting this style. In this style the sideburns start narrow at the temples and then grow wider as it reaches the jawline.

With above information on facial hair styles for men I am sure you will be able to select a good facial hair style for yourself. But it is advisable to consult your stylist to get some extra men's facial hair tips so that you get the perfect look. Now go ahead and enjoy the different 'you' everyday!!!

How to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth

How to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth - Stimulate Facial Hair Growth Naturally
Natural way of stimulating hair growth includes following a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food. Certain vitamins and minerals stimulate hair growth. These include vitamin A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C etc. Thus, foods that stimulate facial hair growth are the ones which are rich in these nutrients. Proteins also stimulate facial hair growth. Moreover, taking adequate sleep is also important since your body uses the time you sleep to repair damaged cells of the body. This promotes hair growth in some way. Stress leads to weakening of hair or even delayed hair growth. Hence, try to lead a stress free life as much as possible.

Exercise to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth
Exercises are required to keep you fit, mentally and physically. Exercising improves blood circulation to various organs. As a result, when you exercise, the blood circulation to your face is promoted, which in turn stimulates facial hair growth. (If that does not happen, you'll at least achieve a lean and fit body, much to the envy of your bearded friends, with beer bellies!)

Does Shaving Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?
Now, that's a million dollar question, that unfortunately has no single answer. While there may be many men who would vouch the effectiveness of shaving to stimulate facial growth, there are these unlucky folks who shave day and night, but to no avail. Scientifically, shaving has no effect on the stimulation of hair growth, however, if you already have sparse facial hair, you might try shaving, as it creates an illusion of thick hair. Shaving is definitely not a recommended option for young boys unless they want to regret it later, when they have barbed wire like hair all over the face!

Face Cleaning to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth
Keeping your face clean and free of dirt, opens up your pores and keeps the hair follicle clear. Exfoliating your face once a while, to remove dead cells is also a good idea to stimulate facial hair growth. Also, always keep your skin moisturized so as to prevent the incidences of ingrown hair. Dry, flaky skin results in stunted hair growth.

Moustache Wax Recipe

Moustache Wax Recipe - Homemade Moustache Wax Recipe

Moustache Wax Ingredients
  • Beeswax

  • Castor oil

  • Double boiler

  • A low tub or jar

  • Grate or chop the beeswax in to small fine pieces and place them on to the upper part of a double boiler. You may also use a small saucepan inside a larger one instead of double boiler.

  • Put the castor oil in to the beeswax in the ratio of 1:2, i.e. one part castor oil to two parts beeswax.

  • Pour little amount of water into the bottom of the double boiler and transfer the pan over medium heat. Stir the wax and oil together until the wax melts, and a smooth, evenly blended mixture is formed.

  • Remove the pan from the heat and shift the melted wax to a clean, shallow bowl or jar with a lid. Keep the bowl/jar aside, remove the lid and let the contents to cool.

  • Now the wax is ready to be applied on the moustache or other unruly bits of hair. Make sure you cover the unused portions of wax and store at room temperature.

Other Moustache Wax Recipes

Moustache Wax Recipe #1
  • ½ pound gum-arabic

  • ½ pound oil soap

  • 1 pint rose water

  • 1 pound white wax

  • 1 ounce attar bergamot

  • ½ drachm attar thyme


In a saucepan, melt gum-arabic, oil soap, rose water and white wax. Stir continuously until it forms a uniform consistency. Now add bergamot and thyme for fragrance.

Moustache Wax Recipe #2
  • Beeswax

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Coconut oil/shea butter

  • Essential oils


Mix equal quantities of petroleum jelly and beeswax and melt in a double boiler. Now add coconut oil or shea butter (half in quantity of petroleum jelly or beeswax) to the mixture and heat until it melts completely. For an appealing fragrance, add few drops of essential oil once the mixture cools.

How to Use Moustache Wax?

The first step before applying the wax is to blow-dry the hair completely. After the moustache wax has cooled down, rub your finger tips lightly over the surface of the coagulated wax. Don't dip your finger into the wax container, as excess of wax may result in a greasy moustache. When your finger tips are lightly coated with wax, put them against the hair you want to shape. To spread the wax evenly, slightly run your fingers against the hair in the same direction as the hair grows naturally. After applying, shape and style the moustache with your fingers. Apply more wax if necessary, and to remove, wash the applied area with mild soap and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Applying excess of wax may give a messy or greasy look to the moustache, therefore, be careful while applying and remove the extras with cotton. The aforementioned moustache wax recipes will not only shape or tame an unruly moustache, eyebrows or other facial hair, but they also help to strengthen the hair by coating it with tough, shiny and protective covering.

Bumps After Waxing

Bumps After Waxing - Red Bumps After Waxing

In case of sensitive skin, formation of red bumps after waxing may occur that might last for as long as 3-5 days. During this period, the skin bearing red bumps are quite prone to infection. The occurrence of bacterial or fungal infection can make the skin condition even worse.

Waxing can surely produce many adverse effects but the percentage of such sufferers is quite low. Not many women have to bear the aforementioned negative effects of waxing. Usually, all such ill-effects get resolved on their own within a couple of days without heading towards further worsening of the skin condition. Also, waxing is painful but the pain is surely within the limits of tolerance. However, if you have a sensitive skin and you fear that you may develop bumps on skin after waxing, you can try some preventive and treatment measures for it.

How to Prevent Bumps After Waxing?
  • Around 1-2 days before and during menstruation and during pregnancy, your skin becomes more sensitive, and thus is quite susceptible to cuts and bruises. Thus, it is better to avoid waxing under such conditions.

  • In case, you are on medicines such as accutane and Retin A, you should avoid waxing your skin. This is because these drugs tend to increase the risk of lifting-off of the skin. You need to be stop taking accutane and Retin A for at least 6 and 2 months respectively to wax your skin safely.

  • Skin exfoliation also tends to increase the risk of lift-off of the skin. Therefore, you should avoid waxing on the day you have exfoliated the upper layers of your skin.

  • Take a non-prescription pain killer and antihistamine a half hour prior to waxing. This will lessen the chances of pain and swelling.

  • When you panic, your hair follicles contract. Shrunk or contracted hair follicles are more susceptible to damage by waxing. Therefore, try to keep yourself calm and relaxed. This will help you in preventing yourself from negative after effects such as bumps after waxing.

  • Removal of coarse hair from their follicles often result in bleeding. It is quite normal, so don't worry. You may try rubbing ice cubes to get some comfort.

  • Many beauty salons apply an after wax lotion to reduce the discomfort and pain. Make sure that the lotion does not contain mineral oils as they clog skin pores, which in turn results in acne breakouts. If possible, take a grapeseed oil to apply on the skin after waxing to provide comfort to yourself.

How to Get Rid of Red Bumps After Waxing?
  • Wash the waxed skin gently and softly. Do not use abrasive body scrubs and chemical-based body soaps as they may irritate the affected skin even more.

  • Keep the affected body part always covered with cotton clothes to minimize the chances of it getting dirty and dusty. This will reduce the need to wash your skin frequently.

  • Stay in a cool place to avoid sweating which can make the matter even worse.

  • Take non-prescription medicines that are painkillers, non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, redness and swelling from the waxed body part. Some examples of such medicines are Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin or naproxen. Follow the usage directions given on their packs.

  • Immediately after getting your skin waxed, dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and rub it on. It is a topical liquid that produces a soothing effect and reduces irritation and inflammation on the skin. For better results, apply aloe vera gel on the waxed skin after rinsing off witch hazel.

  • Use a quality moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin to keep the waxed skin hydrated. This will speed up the natural process of healing of reddened and swollen skin.

  • You may use a cold compress to get some relief from pain, skin irritation and inflammation.

  • Take a warm shower fro the next 3-4 days. This will produce a soothing and comforting effect on the waxed skin. Make sure that the water is warm and not hot or you will end up with other skin complications like burns.

  • Always wear a sunscreen lotion before going out. This is necessary to protect the waxed skin as its sensitivity to sun light has been increased to some extent by exfoliation.

In spite of all these side effects of waxing, majority of women who go for hair removal from different parts of body, consider waxing as the best bet. This is because, it enables you to enjoy smoothness, softness and freshness along with a hair-free skin for a time period longer than other methods of hair removal like shaving and depilatory creams. In addition to this, waxing produces longer lasting effects, i.e., waxing the skin on a regular basis tends to retard the rate of hair growth over a period of time. It means that waxing gradually works to impart you a skin that is naturally free from hair or has less hair. Thus, you see that the benefits of body hair removal by waxing are amazing, and you should consider opting for it to get rid of unwanted hair. Hope, the present article on 'bumps after waxing' comes to your help in keeping your skin free from hair as well as discomfort.

Homemade Wax

Homemade Wax - Homemade Wax using Sugar

  • Granulated sugar - 2 cups

  • Lemon juice - ¼ cup

  • Water - ¼ cup

  • Take a saucepan and mix sugar and lemon juice in it.

  • Put it on a low flame.

  • Make sure you stir the mixture every now and then.

  • Turn the flame off once the contents turn into a thick brown-colored liquid.

  • You must remember that this hot wax can burn your skin, so wait till it cools off.

Homemade Wax using Brown Sugar

  • Brown sugar - 1 cup

  • Lemon juice - ¼ cup

  • Honey - ¼ cup

  • Molasses - a pinch

  • Cornstarch - a pinch

  • Take a saucepan or a skillet and mix lemon juice, honey, molasses and sugar in it.

  • You could put it on a low flame or you could also mix the ingredients and put them into a microwave safe bowl.

  • If you are using a microwave, start by pouring the sugar in a microwave safe bowl.

  • Mix honey and molasses into it.

  • Put this bowl into the microwave for about 3-4 minutes.

  • Take the bowl out and add lemon juice into it and stir.

  • Now place the bowl again into the microwave.

  • Remove it once the sugar has dissolved completely and it has a smooth consistency.

  • Use a glass jar to store this mixture.

  • Before applying this wax, dust the area with cornstarch and then apply this homemade wax for hair removal.

Waxing Tips

Now that you know how to make homemade wax, you don't need to go to a beauty parlor for hair removal, you could apply this homemade wax at home. Are you aware of the waxing techniques? Not doing it in the right manner might irritate your skin. So, use these waxing tips so that you don't end up damaging your skin.
  • Once you have prepared the wax, let it cool and use hot water warmers to warm it.

  • Check the temperature before applying it on your skin. It should not be boiling hot.

  • Use a butter knife to apply wax. Make sure you apply it in the direction of your hair's growth.

  • Now you need to place the waxing strip and pull it against the direction of hair growth.

  • Washing the area with cold water or wiping it with a damp cloth will soothe the skin.

  • Since waxing can rob the skin off its natural oils, you need to apply a moisturizer to your skin.

  • Since wax is sticky, it is advisable to spread an old bed sheet while waxing otherwise wax might drip all over the place and make it messy.

Simple Wedding Dresses 2011

Simple Wedding Dresses 2011

Simple Wedding Dresses In The Year

Each bride has a picture in their mind of the perfect wedding - the flowers, the setting, the music - all of it working together as the background for the start of her new life as a married woman. Some women want a dress that outshines the brightest star while others want something simple. The simple wedding dresses showing up for 2011 are feminine, romantic, and sophisticated.
Simple Wedding Dresses 2011

A simple wedding dress relies on the fabric and cut to make a statement rather than a significant amount of trim, the train, overstated sleeves or layers of rousing.

Smooth fabrics with a slight sheen, like satin, are ideal for a simple wedding dress. The fabric moves gracefully and feels lightweight although it looks rich and elegant.

Wedding dress collections on the market this year are playing up the look of some vibrant colors with white and off white fabrics. Some simple banding in red against a stark white background is incredibly eye catching on a bride. In a simple silhouette, this is also the kind of dress that can be used later for other occasions.
Simple Wedding Dresses 2011

Other trends for this year's more understated gowns include minimal lines of hand beading or small touches of fabric rosettes.

The Alier Monapoleone 2011 collection is inspired by outdoor elements like flowers and garden and includes lots of tulle gowns in pale colors. The lighter color gives the bride another way to stand out without going for something extravagant or over the top.

Many collections are also including tea length dresses in their lineup. These dresses are simple in nature and again rely on cut and fabric to make a statement.
Simple Wedding Dresses 2011

Mr. Rermin designed his wedding dresses for 2011 based on a very simple style. What may surprise you is that he even remembered to take the bride's body shape and taste into account. He'll actually meet with the bride and design the dress based around her expectations. Not everyone can afford such service but you can get something similar online where the dresses have been designed to offer brides today's fashions at an affordable price and with a wide variety of sizes including plus sized gowns.

There are a wide range of colors from which to choose your simple wedding dress. Colored ceremony gowns are popular in some locations of the world and appropriate for an understated ceremony.

Each dress selection is unique for every bride. Not everyone has the large, layered ball gown in mind. Something less showy can actually a better choice for some body types as the dress won't upstage the bride. Simple wedding dresses for 2011 seem to have kept that in mind.

Article Source: By Frank Zen

Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax

Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax - Mode of Application
Essentially, there is no difference between hard wax and soft wax, when it comes to mode of application. Both these waxes need to be heated prior to application. However, hard wax melts at lower temperature, while soft wax needs to be heated at high temperature. The desired consistency of soft wax can only be achieved when it is heated at very high temperatures. After melting any of these waxes to the desired consistency, you can simply apply it with spatula or roller.

Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax: Waxing Mechanism
The basic difference between these two waxes lie in their curing technique. Hard wax hardens after it cures on your skin, while soft wax stays pretty much soft even after some time of application. As hard wax cures firmly on your skin, no waxing strips are required to pull it off the skin. You can simply lift it and pull it. Soft wax needs waxing strips or muslin cloth, which adheres to the wax layer and lifts it off the skin.

Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax: Comfort
Hard wax hardens around the hair and not on the skin. Whereas, soft wax sticks to the skin and hair alike. Thus, when you pull hard wax off your skin, only the hair is uprooted and not the skin. On the other hand, pulling soft wax with a waxing strip often results in pulling and stretching of the skin along with hair. Besides, hard wax does not require you to pull off from the direction opposite to hair growth, thereby making it less painful. Soft wax, however can work only when you pull the strips in the direction opposite to hair growth. This process makes it a very painful job. Hard wax hair removal products do not cause rash, redness, irritation, all of which is common with soft wax. Hard wax can be reapplied on the areas which are just waxed, whereas soft wax cannot be reapplied on these areas.

Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax: Effectiveness
Both hard wax and soft wax, essentially do the same job, that of pulling hair. However, estheticians have their own preferences when it comes to waxing hair from particular areas of body. Soft wax is very much easier to apply and less messy than hard wax. Hence, it is ideal for larger areas such as arms, legs, chest, back, etc. This makes the whole job less time consuming and much cleaner. However, sensitive areas like armpits, bikini area are better waxed using hard wax, as it is much gentler on the skin. Apart from this basic difference, the effectiveness of the wax depends upon the brand you are using. Cheap wax brands often use inferior ingredients, which eventually produce inferior results.

In short, a hard wax kit can be your best friend while removing hair from sensitive areas. During other times, you can trust your old soft wax and waxing strips. Hope this article on hard wax vs soft wax was resourceful.

Razor Burn

Razor Burn - Getting late for work leads to razor burns as one among other consequences. Hmmm?.. Well, I am talking about hasty shaving that we men are so used to in the morning. We just do not get a hold of the idea of 'early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise!' We get up late and realize, as usual, that we are going to be late for work. So what do we do, storm towards the washroom, get hold of the shaving cream, brush and razor, and whisk the razor over the face in all possible directions. And surprisingly, we do it well and make it to work on time, as well. But after sometime, we get a stinging or burning pain on some areas of the face. Razor burn is what it is called!

How to Treat Razor Burn

I would say, as what experts recommend, the best
razor burn treatment is to stop shaving altogether. But is this a viable option? I don't think so. So here are some remedies you can consider using to deal with the problem.

  • The first tip that I would give you is what to do after you are done with shaving. Never leave the shaved area to dry off post shaving. Immediate application of a moisturizer is required. So instead of using those fancy after shave lotion, apply some nice smelling body lotion. Best is an aloe vera product. It not only keeps the skin moisturized, but also heals the injury of the skin that the shaving has caused.

  • Alternatively, another of the razor burn remedies is using a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on the shaved area. Using it immediately post shaving, helps in preventing skin rashes and the burn. as well. However, do not make it a habit to use this product daily. This is because, daily use would make the skin addicted to the product. And so if you do not use it after shaving, your skin would go redder and more irritated. Also, regular use increases the chances of stretch marks, especially in the pubic area.

  • Massaging almond oil, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar to the shaved areas, also reduces the razor burn and bumps. Even a paste of aspirin tablets helps in reducing the redness. This is especially helpful to reduce razor burn on pubic area.

  • One effective home remedy is placing a cold damp tea bag of chamomile plant over the burning areas. Place it for about 10 - 20 minutes. This would help in reducing the irritation in the skin.

Now this was about how to get rid of razor burns. The following will list down some more tips, but about preventing razor burns.

How to Prevent Razor Burns
  • It is always recommended to take a warm shower before you go for shaving. The warmth of the water helps the skin relax, and the hair becomes soft and stand straight. So naturally, shaving will go smoother.

  • Give up the habit of using a blunt blade. It does nothing but inflame the skin. Also, with each stroke, rinse off the blade to clean the clogged hair.

  • Most people run the blade against the direction in which the hair grows. This may give you a close shave, but it injures the skin more than ever. So one very important step on how to avoid razor burn is to always shave in a direction of the hair growth.

  • It is not a good idea to use soap as a shaving cream. It makes the skin dry thus, increasing the risk of burns. Use products that contain aloe vera or other emollients.

  • Do not be too harsh on the skin while shaving. And do not keep on running the razor on the same area for multiple times. If needed, use more cream to make the surface slippery and smooth.

Using these few easy tricks can make your shaving more enjoyable and keep you from grumbling over the razor burns. Shave slow, shave well!

Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Messy Ponytail Hairstyles - For women with curly hair, styling your hair into a ponytail can save you time as well as help you create an eye-catching hairstyle.  When styling a curly ponytail you will need to consider what type of hair texture is being used.  Is it fine, thick, straight, or naturally curly or wavy?   Once you determine the hair type then you can set about styling the pony tail.  You can choose if you want small curls, tight curls, big curls, or loose softer curls 

If you have straight hair you will need to curl your hair first.  This can be done by using a curling iron or hot rollers.  Once this step is finished you can then pull your hair back and put it in a ponytail.  Be sure to keep the pony tail tight so that it holds all day.  If you have thick hair you can also achieve curls by using hot rollers or a curling iron and can style your ponytail a little bit loosely so that the hair appears to be softer and not such a severe hairstyle.

Of course if you have naturally curly hair achieving the ponytail will be simple.  You can try various positions for your ponytail.  You may choose to have a high ponytail which will give a nice sleek style.  Or you may choose a loose lower ponytail which is a great casual look.  Both of which can be created in seconds.

Some women may wish to take advantage of hair extensions which will enhance the thickness of their ponytail.  But be sure to practice if done incorrectly these extensions can look unnatural and disproportionate.  As always have fun experimenting and find the ponytail that is right for you.

Kristen Stewart Messy Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart Messy Hairstyle - Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways (2010).

Kristen Stewart indeed is not only a supernova in the Universe of Hollywood but also a devoted fan of a dressed-down grunge-like style. Besides sporting casual chic outfits, the star of hyper-popular movie New Moon, Twilight, Panic Room as well as Cold Creek Manor made a reputation of encouraging the society and fans to accept her apparently low-budget hairstyles and outfits.

Hayley Williams Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Hairstyles - Hayley Nichole Williams (born December 27, 1988) is an American rock singer, songwriter and the lead vocalist of the band Paramore.

Emo hairstyle fans should opt for Hayley's hairstyle with confidence. Reflecting her rebellious attitude the sliced layers and dazzling color became her signature traits. Layered hairstyles add volume and texture to your strands. The apparently bad hair day look radiates confidence and a relaxed attitude towards hair styling. With the help of a few drops of gel and wax you'll be able to perfectly copycat Hayley's extra-polished look.

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Hairstyles - Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress.

Taylor Swift, the American sweetheart pop-country music singer has managed to boost her career recently and become an internationally known star and style icon. Find out Taylor Swift's hairstyling preferences so you can inspire yourself as she is a true muse

Taylor Swift's beauty has made teenagers all over the world go crazy for her style. With beautiful facial features, gorgeous body, beautiful make-up, fashion style and hairstyles Taylor has created a certain “girl next door” look that appeals to everyone. An American sweetheart that exudes elegance and beauty, Taylor Swift is most definitely a potential muse for many women when it comes to style. Taylor Swift hairstyles offer her facial features all the benefits she needs as her gorgeous natural curly hair softens her lovely facial features, making her receive a certain angelic appearance.

2011 Fall Dior Blue Tie Collection

2011 Fall Dior Blue Tie Collection. If you've been following the latest makeup trends for fall 2011, you might already know that blue eyeshadow is coming back strong this season. Look below to see Dior's newest collection which is perfect for this season since it not only offers great palettes featuring blue hues, but the perfect lipsticks , and liners to pair with it.

“Navy blue is the only color which can ever compete with black,” said Christian Dior. Dior’s new Blue Tie Fall Color Collection features shades of deep marine, luminous petrol blue and sky blue tones delicately highlighted by touches of white to create a sophisticated, unexpected version of the smoky eye. Lips create the perfect complement in a range of luminous pinks and rosy beiges with a touch of light-reflecting gloss and nails catch the eye in dark blue and beige. The ultimate effect is a playful mix of masculine and feminine codes, a refreshing, modern take on the nighttime beauty look, inspired by a woman dressed in the tailored elegance of a tuxedo.

Smoking Blue Blue Tie Palette

Inspired by Dior’s ultra-glamorous silver cannage clutch, this chic metal palette features all of the smoky makeup essentials in one sleek compact. Inside features four shades of Dior Eyeshadow to create a smoky navy eye and one shade of nude lip gloss. An inside mirror and two double-tip applicators make for a quick, seamless application.


* Vintage Pink (839) (Not at Sephora)
* Pink in Love (889)

Rouge Dior Lipcolor

* Angelique Beige (314) (Not at Sephora)
* Pisanelle Pink (428)
* Tourbillon Pink (651)
* Allegro Pink (741) (Not at Sephora)


* Safari Beige (219) (Not at Sephora)
* Tuxedo (908)
* Blue Denim (607)

Rouge Serum Crystal

* Primrose Crystal (215)
* Coral Crystal (345)
* Tea Rose Crystal (455)
* Sweet Pink Crystal (645)
* Passionate Pink Crystal (675)
* Carmine Crystal (855)

Waterproof Liner ( Exclusive)

* Slate (058)
* Carbon (098)
* Navy (178)
* Mint (468)
* Chestnut (788)
* Plum (888)

3-Couleurs Smoky Eyeshadow ( Exclusive)

* Smoky Pink (051)
* Smoky Black (091)
* Smoky Navy (291)
* Smoky Khaki (481)
* Smoky Nude (571)
* Smoky Brown (781)

Ready-to-Wear Eyeliner Patches (Sephora Exclusive)

Create runway-worthy eyes with this easy-to-use eyeliner kit inspired by the dramatic looks created backstage for the Christian Dior runway shows. Each kit contains four pairs of reusable eyeliner ―patches‖ in four different styles to create a long-lasting, 60’s-style look. Simply peel away each patch and apply along the lashline for an instant winged, liquid eyeliner look. Featuring two simple black styles, a Swarovski crystal effect liner and a silver crystal effect liner.

Brow Shaping Stencils (Sephora Exclusive)

Eyebrows take center stage this fall with Dior’s Brow Lift Expert Stencil Kit, which features six brow stencils and a Dior brow pencil to help create the perfect brow. Start by choosing one of the six different shapes—ranging from arched to natural—place the stencil over the brow and use the stencil as a guide to fill in with the pencil as needed.

Addicted To Lipstick Named One of the Top 50 Beauty Blogs for 2011

Addicted To Lipstick Named One of the Top 50 Beauty Blogs for 2011. Just wanted to share with you guys that Addicted To Lipstick was recently named one of the top 50 beauty blogs from Everdaysales. We're honored to be part of their list which you can check out below or on their website.

Best Beauty Review Blogs
2. PURSE BUZZ 68.67
3. Raging rouge 58.97
5. Ishikaaz 54.10
7. Glam Morena 36.87
8. Spiced Beauty 36.72
Professional Beauty Blogs
1. Temptalia 89.47
2. Lipglossiping 56.03
8. Manila Barbie 18.79
9. Feminine Art 18.54
10. BEAUTEZINE 16.83
Stylish Visual Beauty Blogs
3. Palacinka 47.34
5. Makeup Files 44.76
Top International Beauty Blogs
2. Prounchapina 56.07
7. Juste Sublime 19.28
8. Illume beauty 18.85
9. Aimee0610my 18.27
10. Jinjersnap 14.91
Top UK Beauty Blogs
1. Makeup Mole 46.53
2. Nicolavc86 38.05
4. Glitterdollz7 30.45
5. Dutchess Roz 27.73

Amanda Bynes Hairstyles

Amanda Bynes Hairstyles - Amanda Laura Bynes (born April 3, 1986) is an American actress, singer and fashion designer. Bynes appeared in several successful television series, such as All That and The Amanda Show, on Nickelodeon in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s, and in 2002, she starred in the TV series, What I Like About You. She transitioned to a film career, starring in several films aimed at teenage audiences, including What a Girl Wants (2003), Love Wrecked (2005), She's the Man (2006), Hairspray (2007), and Easy A (2010).

She was named one of Teen People's "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" in 2006, and in 2007, Forbes listed her as the fifth highest paid celebrity under 21, with earnings of $2.5 million.

Amanda Bynes' hairstyle is long, rich and blonde. She is usually seen with her hair loose, straight or loosely curled. Her long blonde locks contribute to her beauty, enhancing her facial features. Her beautiful tresses help create a glamorous, feminine and sophisticated look - learn how to style Amanda Bynes' curly hairstyles!

Kesha Hairstyles

Kesha Hairstyles - Every woman wants her hair to look fabulous and stylish and Ke$ha can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles especially if you love gorgeous low maintenance hairstyles. Find out how to recreate Ke$ha's look.

Celebrity hairstyles have always been a great source of inspiration for women all over the world, and Ke$ha hairstyles are inspiring teenagers from all over the Globe. This gorgeous blondie has debuted in the entertainment industry with a great song which has become an international hit. “Tik-Tok” has managed to climb into the American Top Carts rapidly, making Ke$ha an attraction and an inspiration for women who love being stylish.

Ke$ha hairstyles make her look unique and with an incredible amount of style. Her “don't care” stylish look is enveloped in a great amount of attraction and it's not difficult to see why this youthful blonde bomb shell has made it to the top. Her hairstyles, her vocal abilities, her music and her fashion style is the perfect combination for a star.

Ke$ha's style is characterized by an 80's retro appearance which is quite popular this year. Retro hairstyles as well as fashion styles have made a comeback in 2010 so Ke$ha is definitely in the trend.

Ke$ha hairstyles are not very diverse as it seems to stick to only a few styles. Her long hair length would allow Ke$ha to style her tresses in a variety of ways but it seems this American beauty likes to opt for:
Messy long hairstyle
The messy look is very popular among pop-rock stars and Ke$ha seems to rock this style. Messy hairstyles are not only super easy to create they are also filled with style and individuality. This type of hairstyle can be considered a statement hairstyle as a certain message can be transmitted. People who don't care about what everyone else is wearing and who exude confidence work this style best.

Messy hairstyles can be created on all hair lengths, but look best on long hairstyles. To recreate Ke$ha's messy long hairstyle you will need:

  • hair layers

  • styling mousse

  • blow dryer

  • Layers cut through the hair allows different strands to fall at different lengths creating an incredible effect. There are a variety of hair cutting techniques so choose one which suits your hair type best. Apply a moderate amount of mousse in the palm of your hand and using your hands carefully and uniformly distribute the mousse throughout the hair while scrunching it. If you want to receive more hair volume apply some mousse close to the roots as well and flip your head down while scrunching. Apply hot or cold air on your hair while still scrunching the hair using one hand. This will allow the mousse to fixate and the hair will receive the messy look desired.

    Loose wavy hairstyle
    Loose wavy hairstyles look fabulous and can help soften the facial features to obtain a very feminine look. This type of hairstyle can easily be recreated using different methods depending on personal preference. Hair rollers, flat irons and curling irons can e used to create loose gentle hair waves. Flat irons create more gentle waves using a certain technique which involves twisting the flat iron while moving in a downwards direction of individual hair strands.

    Hair rollers need to be of a certain dimension to allow the hair to be loosely curled. The size of the hair roller is directly proportional with the size of the curls, so large hair rollers will create large, loose curls. Curling irons with a large barrel used for a few seconds can help create loose, gentle hair waves.
    Set the hair with a little bit of hairspray after the waves have been created and your hair waves will help you look fabulous. 

    Take Ke$ha as an example when it comes to hairstyling and you will look fabulous every time.