Razor Burn

Razor Burn - Getting late for work leads to razor burns as one among other consequences. Hmmm?.. Well, I am talking about hasty shaving that we men are so used to in the morning. We just do not get a hold of the idea of 'early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise!' We get up late and realize, as usual, that we are going to be late for work. So what do we do, storm towards the washroom, get hold of the shaving cream, brush and razor, and whisk the razor over the face in all possible directions. And surprisingly, we do it well and make it to work on time, as well. But after sometime, we get a stinging or burning pain on some areas of the face. Razor burn is what it is called!

How to Treat Razor Burn

I would say, as what experts recommend, the best
razor burn treatment is to stop shaving altogether. But is this a viable option? I don't think so. So here are some remedies you can consider using to deal with the problem.

  • The first tip that I would give you is what to do after you are done with shaving. Never leave the shaved area to dry off post shaving. Immediate application of a moisturizer is required. So instead of using those fancy after shave lotion, apply some nice smelling body lotion. Best is an aloe vera product. It not only keeps the skin moisturized, but also heals the injury of the skin that the shaving has caused.

  • Alternatively, another of the razor burn remedies is using a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on the shaved area. Using it immediately post shaving, helps in preventing skin rashes and the burn. as well. However, do not make it a habit to use this product daily. This is because, daily use would make the skin addicted to the product. And so if you do not use it after shaving, your skin would go redder and more irritated. Also, regular use increases the chances of stretch marks, especially in the pubic area.

  • Massaging almond oil, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar to the shaved areas, also reduces the razor burn and bumps. Even a paste of aspirin tablets helps in reducing the redness. This is especially helpful to reduce razor burn on pubic area.

  • One effective home remedy is placing a cold damp tea bag of chamomile plant over the burning areas. Place it for about 10 - 20 minutes. This would help in reducing the irritation in the skin.

Now this was about how to get rid of razor burns. The following will list down some more tips, but about preventing razor burns.

How to Prevent Razor Burns
  • It is always recommended to take a warm shower before you go for shaving. The warmth of the water helps the skin relax, and the hair becomes soft and stand straight. So naturally, shaving will go smoother.

  • Give up the habit of using a blunt blade. It does nothing but inflame the skin. Also, with each stroke, rinse off the blade to clean the clogged hair.

  • Most people run the blade against the direction in which the hair grows. This may give you a close shave, but it injures the skin more than ever. So one very important step on how to avoid razor burn is to always shave in a direction of the hair growth.

  • It is not a good idea to use soap as a shaving cream. It makes the skin dry thus, increasing the risk of burns. Use products that contain aloe vera or other emollients.

  • Do not be too harsh on the skin while shaving. And do not keep on running the razor on the same area for multiple times. If needed, use more cream to make the surface slippery and smooth.

Using these few easy tricks can make your shaving more enjoyable and keep you from grumbling over the razor burns. Shave slow, shave well!

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