Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Brown Highlights - Black hair with brown highlights is one of the most preferred hair colors when it comes to coloring your hair, others being blonde and honey. However, many people pick wrong hair color, which gives a disastrous looking colored hair look. Hence, it is very important to pick the right hair color shades when trying out any hair color ideas.

If you look at the hair color wheel, you will notice that there are some shades of hair color which are called as cool hair colors, while some are called warm hair color. When picking any brown or blonde hair color, you need to be careful because some brown hair shades belong to cool category while some belong to warm color category. Similarly, most blonde hair shades belong to the warm hair category while few belong to neutral and cool hair shades category. If you are thinking of getting brown hair with blonde highlights, then here are some more tips that will help you pick the right shade of hair colors.

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