Hugh Jackman Hairstyles

Hugh Jackman layered hairstyle

Hugh Jackman hairstyle with side swept bangs

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity women are always giving us great examples of different hairstyles. There have been some recent trends in hairstyles that are worth noting.

1. Katie Holmes is wearing a medium length layered hairstyle that features side swept bangs. She has been seen wearing it with retro curls.

2. Jenna Elfman has been going shorter and shorter with her style. She now has a short/almost medium length bob hairstyle that features side swept bangs and a deep side part.

3. Rihanna is wearing a short hairstyle with lots of heavy layering in the crown are. Different colors of highlights/lowlights are mixed in throughout the bang area.

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Axl Rose Rock Star Hairstyles

Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of rock band Guns N' Roses, with his rocker hairstyl.

Axl long hairstyle

Rose layered hairstyle

Rose teased hairstyle

Travis Barker Fanned Mohawk

Travis Barker Long Fanned Mohawk hairstyle

Travis Barker Mohawk hairstyle

Aaron Gillespie Straight Long Hairstyles

Aaron Gillespie longish straight hair

Aaron Gillespie shoulder length hairstyle

How To Make Dreadlocks That Will Look And Smell Great

People have been trying to find out how to make dreadlocks that look and smell great for years. There are ways to do this but it does take some time and commitment on your part. The first step is to ignore much of the traditional dreadlock making tips that you may hear, since they often recommend using products such as egg whites or peanut butter and these can lead to massive problems down the road.

While many people may think that neglect is the key to making dreads, nothing could be further from the truth. You need to make sure that the hair you are dreading is clean and free of styling product residue. In fact, you want to make sure that you wash your hair shortly before you start forming the dreads. Use a residue free shampoo, and then let the hair air dry. You should stop using conditioning products about ten days before you start forming the dreadlocks so that the hair is not slippery and will bind together more easily.

Since getting the hairs to mat together a binding agent is essential to forming good dreads. Binding agents that are used by some people such as egg whites and peanut butter are very bad. Hair that has been formed into dreadlocks does not allow residue to wash out easily so if you put foods that can spoil into your hair, they can mold over time, which may cause you to need to cut the dreadlocks out. Products intended for hair are better such as dreading wax or cream, beeswax or pomades. When you make the dreads it can be a good idea to divide your hair into sections at the beginning so that you are only dealing with one clump of hair at a time. You need to comb or twist the hair and then apply some of the binding agent. Repeat the twisting or combing, and then use hair elastics to keep the hair from unraveling. Use this process on each of the hair segments until your entire head is locked.

Over time, the hair will grow and you will need some upkeep including raveling the new hair so that the lock goes the entire length of the hair from root to tip. If the original dreadlocking process takes a long time, relax. As you get used to combing or tangling the process of increasing dreadlock size will get faster.

Washing your dreadlocks is an important part of keeping them in good shape. You should use a residue free shampoo. This is important since dreads are harder to rinse thoroughly and you want to make sure that there is nothing staying in there that can hurt your hair. If you wash your dreads every three to four days, you can be sure that they will be in good shape.

Forming dreadlocks is not complicated but they do take some time and effort to start and maintain. If you want a hairstyle that is rich in tradition and history, try dreadlocks. You may find that you love the look and feel of them and they may suit your lifestyle to a tee.

Anders Friden Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Anders Friden Dreadlocks hair

Anders looks great with his dreads style.

Andy Samberg Curly Hairstyle

Andy Samberg curly hairstyle

Andy Samberg natural curly hair

How To Get A Mullet Hairstyle

Richard Dean Anderson Mullet hairstyle

The mullet started in the late 1960s and 70s as a modern hairstyle, and is most often remembered from popular use in the 1980s. It is still fairly common today, and it is worn all over the world. Before you decide to get this cut, you need to decide if you want a traditional mullet or if you're going more for the trendy emo style seen on teenagers everywhere. How to get a mullet hairstyle is fairly easy.

If you want the more traditional mullet, where it looks like you have short hair from the front and sides, and long hair in the back, then the best way to achieve this is to get a picture of the exact haircut you do want and take that into a barber or hairdresser and ask for your hair to be styled exactly as shown.

Many men sporting the traditional cut do wear the long, back part of the hair in a ponytail, especially while they work. This is most often associated with a working class type of man.

Some famous men have worn it, particularly the heavy metal bands of the late 80s.

Mullet is not just for men, women are sporting this look as well now. It's longer then a traditional mullet, and is shaggy all over with the fringe slightly asymmetrical and a very long back. The long back part is pulled over the shoulder, and it can be multi-coloured. The shorter portion can be very short to longish, and typically the men's version of this is slightly shorter all over then the women's style.

Mullets never go out of style. A good picture of the hair you want and good hairstylist are important in getting the perfect mullet.