Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist - Us women spend immense amount of time getting ready. You can blame all this on makeup, the outfit, and the hair. But when you have the best outfit on for the occasion and your makeup is flawless, don't you think your hair needs to make a statement as well? I mean, you wouldn't want to leave the house with a killer outfit and just OK hairdo. I think you agree with me on this. Well, there are many popular hairstyles for women and one of which is the two strand twist. They are often known as double strand twists, twisties, or twists. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for women who have natural hair. It suits various hair colors and face structure. And the best part is, you can do this right at home with very few simple steps (we'll discuss about them a little later). You can create different hairstyles based on these twists and have a new look for every occasion. So whether you have short or long hair, try this African American hairstyle to give yourself a new look.

Preparing the Hair for Two Strand Twist Locs

Before we begin, you need to ready your hair. First and foremost, your hair cannot be greasy or dirty (actually this rule applies while doing any hairstyle). So shampoo and condition your hair properly. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner, if you'd like, to keep your hair soft. For this hairstyle to work, you need to dry your hair about 85 to 90%. If your hair is clean (as in you just washed it but are completely dry at the moment), you can apply the leave-in conditioner on somewhat damp hair. Once you have finished the necessary instructions, we will now see the
two strand twists instructions given below.

How to Do Two Strand Twist on Natural Hair?

While doing this hairstyle, remember this, the size of your twists will depend on you. All you need to pay attention is to the uniformity of the twists. You don't want one strand thicker or thinner than the other ones. You can use your fingers or a rat-tail comb to make sure that the twists are even.

  • First tie your hair and keep them all together (don't let any strand hang loose). We will begin from the nape of your neck. Take a small section of hair, about ¾'' from the nape.
  • Part this section of hair into 2 so you have a right side and a left side. By doing so, if you are using a rat-tail comb, it will work properly.
  • Make sure that the rest of the hair is not coming out or in the way. For the section of hair you parted, use water or pomade to mist the hair.
  • If you have applied pomade, massage hair properly for good application. Now use a wide-toothed comb to take out any tangles that may be in the hair.
  • Now part the right side strand into 2 more sections. After this, you will begin to twist these 2 sections with one another.
  • Keep twisting the left section over the right section till you reach the end. Follow the same steps on the left side strand. Make 2 more sections and twist them.
  • When you reach at the ends of your hair, apply gel or oil to keep them in place. Use your fingers to hold the ends together so that the twists don't loosen and get a chance to settle.
  • Keep following the same steps for the rest of your hair, till you reach the last strand.
When you hair isn't relaxed or straightened, these twists work really well. The ends can be easily curled and held in place. Now that you know the two strand twist technique and your twists are in place, why don't we go over some aftercare guidelines as well.

Caring for Your Twists

Any hairstyle or hairdo needs maintenance. So why should your twists be any different? You can keep this hairstyle for a week or more (maybe 3-4 weeks). During this time, it is important to pay close attention to your hair and keep them clean and healthy. Which is why, you need to...
  • shampoo your hair without taking out the twists.
  • cleanse your scalp properly, using your fingertips, and don't tug on the twists while you're at it.
  • re-twist the strands which may become loose or get puffy over time.
  • comb the twists with your fingers ONLY; don't use a comb or brush.
  • wear a scarf before going to bed so that your hair doesn't become frizzy.
Now if you feel that you'll get bored of this hairstyle in like a week or so, think again. You can try various hairstyles for different occasions.

As I had mentioned earlier, about trying these twists on natural rather than relaxed or straightened hair, some of you might be wondering about doing the two strand twist with extensions. Although you can manipulate the extensions to twist, but I would still recommend you to try them out first on natural hair. Other than that, you can consult a professional hairstylist as he/she will give you specific instructions and tips concerning your hair type.

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