Facial Hair Styles for Men

Facial Hair Styles for Men - Popular Facial Hair Styles for Men

Beards Styles
There are many beard styles that you can sport. You can bring variations in them by experimenting with their length and breadth as per your choice. By using razors and trimmers you can keep them thick or thin and bring variety to the facial designs.

Full Beard
Those who have good quality facial hair can go for full beards as they are always in fashion and very popular. Men with wide jaw lines and not so good skin texture can go for this style as it makes the jaw line look perfect and hides the bad skin as well.

Goatee runs from the edge of the lower lip to the chin. It is one of the popular facial hair styles for young men as its easy to maintain and goes with just about any fashionable look. Goatee is an ideal option for people with an elongated chin.

Soul Patch
It is again one of the upcoming beard styles for men. Soul patch is small area below the lower lip that do not really reach the chin. This facial hair style is very easy to maintain and hence a popular choice for many.

Chin Curtain
How about looking like some head strong rock band guy? A chin curtain can make you look like one. In this style hair growth on chin area further meets the sideburns forming a curtain of hair. This a good style for men with oval shape face.

Mustache Styles
Mustaches have always been the sign of masculinity and with time there have been many changes in the ways men adorned the mustache. Given below are some of the popular mustache styles that you can choose from if you are wondering how to grow a mustache in different style. You can also combine these mustache styles with beards or wear them solo.

Chevron is one of the common and classic mustache styles for men. It is preferred by many people as it is easy to maintain and looks professional as well. So a guy who wants to look mature and impress the girls around can go for this facial style.

In this style a narrow mustache with long points is curved steeply upwards. It is named after an artist Salvador Dali who sported this type of mustache and made it popular. Men with square shaped face are ideal for this kind of mustache style.

Fu Manchu
Would you like to have a cute Chinese style mustache? If the answer is yes then Fu Manchu is an ideal option for you. In this mustache the whiskers are grown very long, even below the chin.

This mustache is quite similar to Fu Manchu but the only difference is that it does not hang down the chin. This style involves full mustache with vertical extensions from lips to the jawline that resembles an upside down horseshoe.

Sideburns Styles
If you are a man who neither likes beard nor a mustache then experimenting with sideburns is definitely worth a try. For people who love sporting facial hair can combine sideburns with mustache and beard for a better look.

Stretched Sideburns
If you are bored with regular sideburns then you can have a new look without taking much efforts. Just let the sideburns grow a little extra, say till the earlobes. This looks trendy as well professional.

Square Sideburns
This is one of the popular facial hair styles for men. It involves growing stretched sideburns a little wide and shaping them in squares or rectangles. You can also shape them like pointed sideburns to get a cool look.

Tapered Sideburns
Those who long for a rugged hunk look can go for tapered sideburns. In this facial style the half part of the sideburns which is close to the ears is grown vertical and the later part is tapered to resemble 'L' shape.

Mutton Chops
This is one of the coolest and popular facial hair styles for men. You must have seen many fancy bikers sporting this style. In this style the sideburns start narrow at the temples and then grow wider as it reaches the jawline.

With above information on facial hair styles for men I am sure you will be able to select a good facial hair style for yourself. But it is advisable to consult your stylist to get some extra men's facial hair tips so that you get the perfect look. Now go ahead and enjoy the different 'you' everyday!!!

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