Back Tattoo Designs For Teen Girls

Back tattoo designs are incredibly popular with girls. By far the region's most popular tattoo on the back for girls is the lower back, shoulders well tattoos are also popular. Lower back tattoo designs tend to be relatively small, and are generally located in the center of the lower back, just above the ass. Lower back tattoos are really sexy, elegant and feminine. They draw attention to the elegant curves of the body of a young girl, and men driving wild. Popular lower back tribal tattoo designs include Celtic, butterflies, birds and flowers. Other options include dolphins, hearts or in writing. Many girls ink the name of a loved one, or a slogan that really means something to them. Writing is often signed with Asian characters, Devanagari script with being a particular favorite.


Lower back tattoos can be enhanced by wearing short length that reveal the lower back just above the waist of a pair of jeans or a skirt. Wearing a bikini is another great way to show a lower back tattoo design in the summer. Lower back tattoo designs can be covered when required by wearing a longer top, or sweater. This is an important thing to consider for girls whose employer has a policy not to tattoo work.

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