Black heads on nose and other part of face look extremely bad and look of grimy skin. You can pinch and press them but they approach back. If you are sure to get rid of black heads then you must sure about the damaged skin and a red nose. You are worse off than when you started. Some persons wet their nose & start pinching their black head; they eventually open their pores which can allow further harms to start. What are the grounds for black heads? The cause you have black heads is because your pores are clogged and bacteria forms within those stopped up pores. It is important to know that when you squeeze or pinch your skin you damage to the pores surrounding the problem, and more black heads will form. How they can be reduced? There are many masks accessible in market but simple and household methods can also apply. Take a tomato from your refrigerator just slice them in a zip lock bag and kept them in freezer. When it frozen gently massage them on your problem area. Why tomato? Tomatoes contain unique acidic property that work as an excellent exfoliates. It’s a sure way to get unclogged pores and get rid of black heads.

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