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Nail design, nail art was known, is becoming a trend in the world of beauty and fashion. It's really the art of being good or an artist to create drawings and visit the beauty salon or nail art studio is also unnecessary. Do it yourself nail designs to give you the opportunity to explore creativity, fantastic translate the nail with some simple techniques and materials are also inexpensive. There are several nail art kits that are commercially available, but we can do well without them. You can see some online guides, if the ideas below, but otherwise there's not much you need to create beautiful nail designs. This guide to nail a few models that are quick and easy, you can do at home.

Nail Design - Do It Yourself

French manicure

Materials needed

* Nail Polish - French Rose (the masses) and white French (tips)

* Scotch

* Clear Coat

* Enamel

* Cotton swabs


Once you have collected all the necessary materials, sitting in a comfortable position and spread your fingers a fixed table. Tear a small band, one for each nail. Use pieces of tape on the back of the hand. Then comes the French only to all white nails. Let dry for 5-7 minutes and when you are sure it is dry, remove the tape carefully. Now, Rose, French are the masses of the entire nail and let dry. Once dry, apply a clear coat on top and let dry. If you work around this problem, pour a little of "nail polish on a cotton swab, gently remove the error message and re-polish.

Flower Nail Design

Materials needed

* Nail polish - base layer (all colors)

* Acrylic paints (any color that matches the color of your nail polish)

* Lip Brush or end

* Nail glue (optional)

* Transparent Overlay

* Crystal / Pearl / colored stones

* Sticks


To begin with, the use of enamel, dark masses. If you do not use nail glue, dip a toothpick into a nail, lifting a glass / pearl / stone wet nail polish and put the exact center of the nail. If you use nail glue and poured into a container, get the glass with a toothpick, dip the glass in the bottom of the tail and the middle of the nail. Press against the glass enamels and let dry. Play all your nails and wait until all the nails are dried properly. Soak the brush and brush acrylic paint on the lip, and a free hand, pull the petals of the flowers small, about three or four each, the entire crystal. Let the paint dry and apply a clear coat of paint and sealing the glass.

Flag Nail Design

Materials Required

* Enamel - bright white and blue

* Acrylic white and red

* Sticks

* Use a brush or thin lips

* Clear Coat


Apply black nail polish, twice, as a base coat and let dry. Then use the bright blue nail polish on the diagonal to the lower half of the nail and let dry. Once dry with a brush to brush the lips or red acrylic paint and thin diagonal stripes red and white on the top of the nail. Use white paint to make dots in the blue field, representing the stars in the white flag. Let dry, then apply the top layer of the nail and let dry.

Smiley Nails

Materials Required

* Enamel - Black

* Acrylic - Black and White

* Toothpicks

* Use a brush or lip brush to the end

* Layer Transparent


Paint your nails in alternating black and white and let dry. The nails are painted with white paint, black acrylic to draw happy faces as a smile, frown, wink, surprised by the language in bold, etc. on them, painted black, same with white acrylic paint and let dry. Followed the upper mantle and let it dry.

There are many other conceptions of Creative Nail like a bow, a clock, a table of Tic Tac Toe board, a design with polka dots, etc, you can try. You can also experiment with different combinations of colors and stones to create unique designs on nails. Do it yourself nail design, can also be taken as a hobby, if you like art and creativity are too!

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