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Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- Safedi Lal is not done yet. Now he wants to tell me that Hrithik Roshan is the highest paid star on television today... and not Salman Khan, as the popular notion. And if that's not enough, he claims to have a valid explanation to substantiate his claim.

Tell me about it, I say, and he reveals that Sallu shot for his last TV show only during the weekends. And he'd wrap up two episodes in a single day, taking home a R 2.5 crore pay packet.

However, apna Duggu dude is being paid R 2 crore per episode, he beams. And grinning from ear to ear, remarks that this information should settle once and for all, the debate on who's being paid more for his big act on the small screen: Salman or Hrithik? Point noted.

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