That Girl Party Dress Was Suspended

Girls face suspension for wearing immodest

A girl from school is a punishment for wearing a costume "offensive" and indecent. According to reports, the incident took place at Oxford High School in Alabama. The school administration has taken punitive measures against students who violate the dress code.

He was 25 cases had used inappropriate clothing. The school administration has given them two options for punishment. Or face the three-day suspension from school, or face corporal punishment.

According to reports, Heather DeRamus and other students put on their favorite clothes do not know what is happening to them. Erica was very fond of wearing a dress that was purchased online. Dress was a cocktail dress with a skirt too short for a family style. He said he became emotional in her prom.

Oxford, Alabama High School has a zero tolerance policy in the dress to dance. Prom dress rules is that the body should not be used with a transparent dress. The skirt must be longer than four inches above the knee and neck should not be exposed.

The President is satisfied that the parent seems to have a high school and the need to send a message to the Community, which is correct. Erica was very depressed and said he was in 1940. His mother supported her daughter and denies accusations that it violated the dress code of the school.

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