Keep Nail Polish?

Fund nail polish? But still do not know how to keep them for a long time? Here are some tips that can help you maintain and use them in an orderly manner.

* Most nail polish is flammable, so avoid placing them, even for a short period of time on things such as stoves, heaters, etc.* Nail polish does not hold. So if you want to wash dishes for more than 15 minutes, the rubber gloves are essential.
* If the smell of nail polish makes you dizzy, you can go to the terrace and use it there. When in the open, the smell is less stifling. In any case, ventilate the room after finishing the polishing your nails.* If you want to keep nail polish longer period of time, store in refrigerator. Also do not leave open bottles, as this not only makes it dry, but exposure to toxic substances it contains.
Even a manicure skilled escape a drop of nail polish or a bottle on the table. If this happens, remove the drop rapidly, as it leaves permanent stains on the table. If you do not remove the nail from the top to drop the bottle, the bottle can be glued closed.

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