Shahid Kapoor, ghost directing Kunal Kohli’s next???

If rumors are to be believed, Shahid Kapoor’s dream of becoming a director, is all set to come true. Buzz has it that he would be assisting Kunal Kohli’s next film.

According to sources, the actor gives a lot of inputs in the film, tentatively titled Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai Hamara Tumhara. The movie is a period love story set across three generations and stars SK opposite ex flame Priyanka Chopra.

A highly placed source on the set revealed, “Shahid has more or less taken the reins from director Kunal Kohli’s hands. He sometimes also calls the shots on important matters like where to shoot and how to shoot a particular scene.”

The source informs that the actor has also contributed a lot to the script.

“Kunal wanted to shoot the first schedule in London but Shahid requested him to shoot in Mumbai first. So the director gave in.

SK wanted to shoot the first schedule in the city, so that he is available to finish some patchwork for Mausam his dad’s film.”

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