Mallika Sherawat Awarded For Hilarious Performances

Though Mallika Sherawat is less supposed in Bollywood movie circles yet she has gained massive plunder and awards out of the country. She is scheduled to be in LA in dinner party as addressee of United States Based Multicultural Motion Picture Association’s Diversity award and 2008 Renaissance Artist Awards at the 16th Annual MMPA’s Diversity Awards on Sunday 23rd November at Universal Studios Globe Theatre. The Dinner party is expected to be joined by other leading international celebrities from the film and television commerce.

These awards are existing for unique position to performers for the acting and character portrayal that bring about varying emotions in audience from humour to tears. Earlier these awards are given to Hollywood Actresses Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, and Monica Bellucci. At the award ceremony other who will receive the prestigious awards is Ruby Dee-Davis.

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