Ladies, here are some tips on home care for beautiful lips to lips. None of these ladies sigh Revlon and Lakme do attract your eyes with these chocolate lips! beautiful lips always fascinating girl of his dreams. With a little love and since you can use these beautiful lips you've always dreamed of.

• Home Care Tip # 1: soften lips and prevent it from going dry, apply almond oil on my lips every day

• Home Care Tip # 2: Regular use of honey to heal chapped lips

• Pointe Home Care # 3: It is always best to use lipstick with a brush to evenly on the lips

• Pointe Care Home # 4: Before the lipstick, powder can be applied as the color will remain for a long time

• Pointe Home Care # 5: Oh, butter, coconut oil, etc., which are available at home can be a good food for your lips

• Home Care Tip # 6: Include more fruits and vegetables to your diet

• Tip # 7 Home Care: the iron-rich foods such as ragi and bitter gourd is not a good place for the menu of the day

• Home Care Tip # 8: Before going into the sun, your lips to spread the butter, which does not lose its composition

• Home Care Tip No. 9: A daily application of gooseberry essence of the lips can give a good color.

• Home Care Council # 10: A mixture of honey, onion extract and glycerin in equal parts to serve a second natural lip color

• Pointe Home Care # 11: Texture lips lost can be recovered by taking foods rich in vitamin C as oranges, tomatoes, currants, etc.

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