Valentine Nail Designs

Day 1: Teeth - Let your teeth. One teeth whitening strips that you can get to the pharmacy close to work very well. Follow the instructions and keep it for long anyway States to see the results. A couple received a total of seven days, while others tend to be faster and think only 3 days. To use whitening toothpaste to send the method as well as keep your teeth whiter longer ... and not flossing. The sixth day is the v, your smile will be strengthened.

Dietary Supplement Health: Consider the least 800mg of magnesium minerals calcium every day to ensure strong healthy teeth (and bone fragments).

Second day: hair - hair deep problem. Shortly before going to bed, clean the hair and apply their own preferred conditioning hair mask or heavy objects. Comb the hair with a comb tooth wide. Organizing bathroom hair cap and fall asleep. When you wake up every morning and wash your hair in the shower, the hair feels soft and silky and shiny look more than ever. Note: Sometimes a deep conditioning can cause the hair too soft and irresistibly original. The reason you never want a problem with heavy hair as close to a special event. Day two, or up to 3 weeks before V-Day is a really good time to do it.

Complement: Take a multivitamin to ensure their own physical well-suited to get the nutrients each day. This will help hair and nails to create and be healthy.

Day Three: Meeting - providing your car a face. Clean your skin with a mild cleanser. Use a facial steamer or perhaps a pot boiling water associated with the steam of his own encounter a dozen significant minutes. It has to be the best amount of humidity in your way of using an exfoliant. Rub this on your face with circular movements (become soft). Following two minutes, rinse and dry scrub DAB experience to use their coverage of the face instead. Use a soft cover up gently removes dead skin cells and contributes to the stability of the skin. Are you going to hide more than fifteen minutes. Rinse and use skin toner. Sole cream of care and race your moisturizer night period of time. Place the face of imperfections. It is highly recommended to do at night if you are not prepared to take the makeup or even go out.

Get the relaxation of a good night then wakes up every morning, you know that the person seems rejuvenated.

Diets Health Supplements: Consider omega-3 omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin perfect.

Day 4: the pores and skin - Exfoliate Moisturize and photos Easy Touch pores and skin. Exfoliating scrub throughout your entire body in the shower for about five minutes to look hard or dry skin. Clean scrub and use your favorite bath gel. Take a thick layer of moisturizer immediately after you exit the shower real. For a certain color, personal use Tanner evenly on the handle the next few days, just before the sixth day v. The sixth day is against, use a lotion shine for an extra sparkle.

Day Five: The whole body - detox. The fact that two days before the sixth year is a detox day, and consume plenty of fluids. Get rid of any water retention and swelling of the salty food, and give up all dairy products. Consume plenty of fiber as well as non-aggressive colon cleanse. Green tea extract and water are ideal to drink during the day between meals. Eat fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Make sure it stays healthy in mind and there will be a great day sixth year.

Completed: Being a good anti-oxidant without the structure of the body of free radicals and keep your cells healthy.

Day 6 & Ft Fingers - Get a manicure and a pedicure. May see your favorite nail salon this will allow you qualified mania / pedicure or even do it yourself in your own home. Start by exfoliating the hands and feet, push the cuticles, nail file, nail hands and feet moisturizing and art with an incredible tone V-Day. Fill out the nails have a good coat, let dry and you're good to go.

Seventh Day: Valentine's Day - This is the sixth day v Sunday, so the day and you do it respectfully. Relax. Enjoy a shower and a drink associated with red wine. Studying something romantic. Consider a walk and fresh air of relaxation. Watch the story enjoy. If you have or not a Valentine's Day, the main thing is that experience dramatic and sexy and I love it!

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