Twist Out on Relaxed Hair

When it comes to hair, women have tons of choices. They can keep their hair long, medium, or short, leave the hair down or try various hairstyles. These hairstyles vary from time to time as different occasions call for unique hairdo. But what about finding a hairstyle that can be worn for several events? Like for work, school, a party, or when you’re hanging out with friends. As we know, hair relaxers are very common among African American women or for those women who have natural curly hair. Apart from managing and caring for relaxed hair, finding the right hairstyle is easy as well. You can grow them out and try various styles as well. But many a times, women with relaxer in their hair find it difficult to look for transition styles. Including the Tweeny Weeny Afro (TWA), braids, and straw set, you can also try the twisting style. Twist outs are nothing but braiding hair with 2 rather than 3 strands of hair. Which is why, we would learn how to do a twist out on relaxed hair in this article. So let's not waste anymore time and get right to the point.

Two Strand Twist Out on Relaxed Hair

Even though this style works excellent on natural hair, women who have relaxed hair can try these hairstyle when they are trying to make the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. The two strand twist can be easily created and looks amazing regardless of the hair's length. You can give your hair volume or keep them flat, if you like. So follow the steps mentioned below and see how it changes the way you look and feel.

Step #1 - Before we can begin the hairstyle, your hair needs to be freshly washed and conditioned. So use the shampoo recommended for your hair type and apply conditioner. After rinsing hair thoroughly, apply leave-in conditioner so we can manage the twists properly.

Step #2 - We need your hair wet and not damp for this style. So don't wait for the hair to air dry or use a hair dryer. Get a setting lotion, hair oil (preferably coconut oil), wide-toothed comb, and rat-tail comb.

Step #3 - Part your hair from the middle and secure either the left or right section so the hair doesn't come in the way. On the other side, take a small section of hair, comb hair with wide-toothed comb, apply the setting lotion first, and then the hair oil. Make sure both liquids are applied properly and comb hair again with rat-tail comb.

Step #4 - Now divide the hair into 2 strands and start twisting them. Work your way down the strands and twist the ends as well. Use bobby pin to secure the end. Follow the same step for the entire section of hair and on the other side as well. Make sure to comb hair properly so there are no tangles remaining while you twist hair.

Step #5 - Keep the twists properly secured and leave them so for a day or two. You can wear a satin scarf to protect the twists from getting frizzy and/or loose. The next morning, open the twists without tugging on them too much.

Step #6 - Once all the twists are opened, take some hair oil in hair and gently apply it to your hair. If you want to add more volume to your hair, just scrunch your hair upward from the roots. And that's it, your twist out is done.

Tips for Your Twist Outs
  • Make sure that you use a setting agent as it will keep the curls in place once the twists are done.
  • While you twist hair strands, tightly twist them as it will keep the curls for a longer period of time.
  • When you twist hair, don't keep repeating the hairstyle as it can thin your hair.
  • Don't use hair gels as they will make your curls hard and stiff; it doesn't give a natural look.
  • Re-twist your curls when they become loose or frizzy. Just remember to use the setting lotion and hair oil.
You can even try different hairstyles like tying a cute ponytail or go a bit bolder with a Mohawk. For a Mohawk, you can punk up the sides of your hair and use bobby pins to secure them properly. Or you can purchase cute hair accessories and play with different hairstyles.

If you want to do flat twist out on relaxed hair, the steps will be similar as the cornrows. Of course, both these hairstyles have differences, one obvious being that cornrows uses 3 hair strands and twist outs uses 2 hair strands. Try this black twist hairstyle and I'm sure you're going to love the new you.

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