Poofy Hair

So, you get up in the morning and see yourself in the mirror..Whoa...your hair is standing up in all the possible directions! If you have very dry and frizzy hair, which tends to make styling the hair very difficult, then you will need to fix this poofy hair. As very few people can pull off the poofy hair look, on others it just looks like a bush. Here are tips on to bring the fluffiness down, and styles for hair which are poofy.

Fix Poofy Hair Tips

Poofy hair is basically very dry hair, and using a good combination of hair products for dry hair you can greatly tame your dry frizzy poofy looking hair. So, what all are the products which you will need to take care of your hair? To name a few - oil, a mild shampoo, a daily conditioner, a deep conditioner, some deep conditioning home ingredients, and a leave-in-conditioner. So, always keep these products handy and keep using them regularly, to tame your poofy mane.

Few hours or the day before you are going to shampoo your hair, give the hair and scalp a nice hot oil treatment. For this you can use any oil like olive oil and coconut oil, and mix some drops of rosemary essential oil in it. Then warm up the oil, and using a cotton ball apply the hair oil on your scalp and hair. Then wear for 20 minutes a warm towel. This will open up the hair pores and deeply conditions the hair roots. Then shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo for dry hair, and then apply a daily conditioner. If you have very frizzy and dry hair then use deep conditioner twice a week. You can also use a mayonnaise and egg hair mask for frizzy hair for deep conditioning. To keep your frizz under control, apply a leave-in-conditioner on wet hair.

Ideas on Poofy Hair Styles

A simple and decent looking style for poofy hair for men and women is to straighten frizzy hair. This will really help to bring down the poofy hair, and for a day or two you will have good looking manageable hair. Make sure you apply loads of hair cream or serum before straightening your hair with the hot iron.

However, if you are looking for some nice haircuts for frizzy hair then short hairstyles for men is a good idea. As conditioning short hair is a very easy job, and by regularly oiling and conditioning your hair, you can control the frizziness. For men there are many short haircuts, like buzz cut, a faux hawk, Caesar cut, or front spiky cut. But, guys with poofy hair need to avoid the layered hairstyle ideas, as it will only make their poofy hair stand out. For a carefree and natural poof hair style look, wear a nice Afro hair style.

Ladies who are looking for frizzy hair styles, should go with long curly hairstyles. So, let your hair grow long, and avoid wearing it short. Also, the weight of the long hair will bring the fluffiness down. And styling the hair into curls, will make it long, glamorous and beautiful. Then you can consider going with some layers in your long hair, to add more style to them, or semi-tie the hair.These were the tips and tricks to deep condition your hair and care for them better, to get the poofy hair under control, and various hair style suggestions, which you can consider. So, follow the above hair care tips, and to keep your poofy hair looking good go to a stylist to get a good haircut.

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