Pin Curls

How to make Pin Curls

Before we start looking at the steps involved in how to create pin curl, here are certain things you need to keep in mind. If you use larger sections of hair to create the pin curls, the looser the curls will be, and the smaller the section of the hair, the tighter and more spiral curls will form. If you make a tighter loop around the finger, then the curl will be also tighter. If you keep the clips on the hair loops for longer, then stronger the set of curls will be. For people who have chunky, shaggy or choppy hair, which creates uneven strands, then use end papers, you can find them in a beauty supply store. These help to manage all the curls neatly and uniformly, and prevents the dreaded hook ends. Use smooth clips, which don't have any ridges, to prevent any creases. If you don't have a hair clip then get bob pins, which are smooth and devoid of ridges.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair, and towel dry them. To create pin curls you don't need wet hair but damp hair. You will need a fine tooth comb or a rat tail comb to make hair sections. Rat tail combs work great, as it helps to create fine sections.
  • Then start from the top of the head and start work from side to side to create pin curls. Creating even sections of hair to create pin curls is advisable. Take a strand of hair and apply a holding hairspray to it, and tool the hair strand around your finger. Roll it tightly, if you want to get tight curls. While rolling the hair, keep the hair ends inside the loop.
  • Then place the hair curled rolls, flat on the heat and secure them with clips. This way go on creating pin curls throughout the hair.
  • Many people tend to use a blow dryer to set the curls fast. If you are pressed for time, then you can use a hood dryer, to get pin curls fast. However, if you don't want to damage the hair with heat drying, then, for better hair care let the hair dry naturally. Hence, it is best to style your hair for pin curls in the evening and sleep with them, and then in the morning take off the pins to get the pin curls style.
  • If you want an elevated or stand up pin curls, then you need to follow the same above steps. However, while setting the curls flat on the head, just anchor the pin curl on one side so that when you take them off, they have an elevated appearance.
These were the steps on creating pin curls. Once you have the pin curls in hair, there are many ways to style these hair. You can simply side part your hair and let the hair loose. You can also have a strand of the hair falling in a pin curl, to give additional style. You can also use some headbands and flapper hats to accessorize. You can also make a curly hair updo with pin curls. You can also use other hair accessories like hair combs with flowers, headbands, bows, barrettes, snoods, feathers, etc.

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