Lowlights Vs Highlights

All women desire to have beautiful hair, which will make them stand out from the rest. That's why we find so many women investing their time and money in beatification of their crowning glory. These days, women have the option of going in for any of the various hair color ideas such as lowlights or highlights or a combination of both, to experiment with their locks and add that dramatic touch to their personality. However, before going in for any of such hair coloring techniques, women should know exactly what these mean and what they will do to their hair. Scroll down to know about lowlights vs highlights...

Hair Lowlights Vs Highlights

What are Highlights?
Both hair highlights and lowlights are techniques of streaking the hair. Highlights refer to the process of coloring the hair in two shades lighter than the natural or overall hair color. For example, for women who have brown hair, highlights of caramel or blond color are usually given. For women with black hair, highlights of dark brown or red tones are opted for.

Hair highlights help in giving the entire hair more light and depth. Women who prefer a sun kissed, dramatic look on their hair, should go in for hair highlighting.

What are Lowlights?
On the other hand, lowlights is a hair coloring technique wherein some of the strands of hair are colored in two shades darker than the original hair color. For example, women with black hair are given eggplant colored lowlights. Thus, the main difference between lowlights and highlights is that in highlights, two shades lighter hair color is used for streaking while in lowlights two shades darker hair color is used.

Lowlights for hair are preferred by women who want to jazz up their hair a bit, but still do not want them to look over dramatic. Hair lowlights add depth to the existing hair color and are very good at hiding gray hair. They make a woman look classy, graceful yet trendy, all at once!

Placement of Lowlights and Highlights
When it comes to lowlights vs highlights placements, there is not much difference. Mostly, hair stylists recommend placing either of these on top of the head or around the face. They also recommend to go in for getting thin strands colored rather than opting for thick and chunky hair streaks. You may read more on hair coloring and highlighting ideas. As for lowlights, hair stylists are of the view to get them done on the lower layers of the hair as it helps in lending the illusion of thick hair with a lot of depth!

Combination of Lowlights and Highlights
These days, a hair streaking trend that is fast catching up is getting both highlights as well as lowlights done in your hair. To get the perfect look, highlights are added on top of the hair while lowlights are added below the hair. The lowlights give depth to the hair and at the same time, highlights make them look highly dramatic. A combination of lowlights and highlights enhances the overall hair color like none! This hair highlighting technique, popularly known as "Tri-color Service" should always be done by a professional. A professional will know exactly how many highlights and lowlights to add to the hair to get the right balance of both. Usually, when it comes to tri-color service, most stylists follow the formula 3:1 i.e. for every three highlights, one lowlight is added.

This was in short about lowlights vs highlights. Here's hoping that the next time you go to a salon to add streaks to your hair, you will know exactly what to opt for to get those glamorous locks! One last tip before I sign off - along with styling and coloring your hair, pay attention to hair care as well, to enhance the natural beauty of your hair!

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