How to Tease Hair

What is Hair Teasing?

Hair teasing is the art of tangling hair with the help of a hair brush or comb, in order to form a cushion that can lift the hairdo up, at the same time imparting a natural look of thick hair. Hair teasing is called back combing, because the hair is combed back towards the root to create tangles. If done improperly, teasing can cause damage to your hair. Many women approach hairstylists to create such hairstyles with hair teasing, but it is easy to master the skill of hair teasing. Let us take a look at how to tease hair without causing any damage.

How to Tease Hair Properly?

The following are some tips regarding how to tease hair perfectly.
  • Wash your hair properly. Once dry, brush the hair to remove any tangles. You may use shampoos specially formulated for fine hair (if you have fine hair), as it can add some volume to the hair. Ensure that your hair is completely dry and tangle-free, to avoid damage to your hair while teasing.
  • Curling the hair before starting the process of teasing can give you good results, unless you want to create some smooth hairstyles like the beehive.
  • If the hair is very smooth and silky, use a hair spray to improve the texture. Part the hair into small sections, preferably one inch wide and secure the other parts with hair clips. You can choose the section which you want raised as per the hairstyle you choose.
  • You can start with a section on the top of the head and work your way downwards. Hold the end of the strands firmly and insert a tail comb or brush, about halfway between the ends and the scalp.
  • Gently comb the hair in the direction opposite to that of the hair growth, i.e. you have to comb the hair towards the roots. This back combing creates some tangles which offer resistance to the combing. But make sure to press these tangles at the scalp and never use pressure so that the hair don't get damaged. Continue this process, until a cushion of hair is formed at the base of the strands you are holding.
  • Now use hair spray on the cushion of hair, before you move on to the next section. Repeat the process, until you cover the specified area.
  • If you want a wild and crazy look, it is better to leave the hair uncombed. You can smoothen the sections which have not been teased or the ends of the teased sections very gently, using a comb or brush.
  • If you want to create a particular hairstyle, then use a brush or comb over the top of the cushions of hair. Comb the surface gently, so as not to disturb or flatten the cushions. Now you can add some hair accessories and create your favorite hairstyles with your teased hair. Once you are done with the hairstyle, spritz some hairspray for that ultimate look.
Most women wonder how to tease hair and make it stay. It is very easy to tease hair and create your own hairstyles, or try one of the 1950s. All you need is some time, lots of patience and creativity. You can sport your own hairstyle with your teased hair during the next party.

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