How to Make Hair Wavy

Wavy hair have been in vogue for a while now, it's evident from the fact that you can see them being flaunted by all the celebrities who are known to matter. Ironically these waves come naturally to a fortunate few, while the rest have to attain them. While the celebs have their own beauticians to help them do up their hair, what are we ordinary not so famous girls to do? Fortunately, you need not wrack your brains over how to make your own hair wavy. The process is fairly simple and any one with decent length hair can try it at home. Here are a few methods that will show you how to make hair wavy naturally.

How to Get Some Cool Waves

The one easy way you can try and get those sizzling waves is to set them. The way you go about doing this is to first wash your hair clean with shampoo, remember to condition them as well. This will ensure that your hair are soft and the waves are smooth and not frizzy. Once the hair has been toweled dry from the scalp and there is no more water dripping from the hair tips, it is time you get to work. Here is what you will need to do:

Bobby Pins
  • You will firstly need to apply an anti frizz serum. If your hair is naturally non frizzy, then you will need to apply a curling serum, if you prefer natural ingredients, try a drop or two of olive oil mixed in water. Apply this concoction evenly over your hair, try and avoid letting the oil or serum come in contact with the scalp. This way you can retain your wavy hair until its next due date for cleansing.
  • Now you have two choices, the first one being that you can either braid your hair into 8-9 plats or the other option being that you can use bobby pins that will, clip twisted lumps of hair together.
  • I personally prefer the bobby pins, as they are lesser hard work and work better for me. If you choose the bobby pins, all you will need to do is to divide your hair into batches. Make as many batches as you would like your waves to be. If you wish to have a slight wave, select only 4-5 batches.
  • Now begin to twist them firmly while the hair is still wet. Once the hair has wound itself closer to the scalp, clip the hair with the pin.
  • Repeat this with the other batches. Once you are done twisting all the batches, you may either let them dry naturally overnight, or you can blow dry them on low heat. Do not use excess heat on damp hair, as hair is most prone to damage in this state. Rollers also are effective examples for getting wavy hair that stay longer.
  • On the other hand if you put more faith into the braids, they too are good options. Braids work well, but only if they are plated well. Depending upon, how wavy you want your hair to get you will need to either make thinner closely spaced braids. This will result in a head full of waves or curls that will have less volume.
  • On the other hand if you prefer lesser and more voluminous waves, then you will need to make thicker braids. The only thing to remember while braiding your hair is that your hair must be damp and your braiding technique must ensure that the hair are tightly placed. This will help make your wavy hair last longer.
  • Once you are done, you can let them dry overnight or during the early morning. Or you can blow dry them as before.
These were the natural methods, you may even try special gels or leave on conditioner and serums that might help you achieve the same results. Hopefully, now you know how to make hair wavy. There are ways to make hair wavy using straighteners too, though they can lead to severe damage in the long run.

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