How to Bleach Hair

How to Bleach Hair?
If you have treated or colored your hair with products that contain metal salts, do not bleach the hair immediately. Also, to reduce hair damage, it is expected that you follow certain hair care tips in advance. Speaking of hair bleaching agents, you can use natural ingredients and / or chemical products formulated bleach to lighten your hair. Here is the procedure step-by-step on how simple bleach hair with peroxide.
Step # 1 You need to prepare your hair before undergoing hair bleaching procedure. Shampoo and comb your hair gently, so as to eliminate tangles and / or knots. Make sure that you can run your fingers through your hair smoothly during bleaching. You can do a hair strand test to check the results after.
Step # 2 For bleaching your hair yourself, wear gloves and safety of using the right brush. Take a clean spray bottle (preferably new) and fill it with diluted hydrogen peroxide (3 percent concentration). In case, you want to highlight your hair, you can use cotton balls instead of a spray bottle to apply the peroxide in hair strands.
Step # 3 Divide the hair in sections and started spraying hydrogen peroxide while the hair is still wet. For easy application, starting from the back side and moving towards the summit. Do not spray the solution directly on the scalp because it can cause skin irritation. Once you are done with a peroxide solution applied to the hair, comb your hair and put on plastic

Step # 4
Keep the hydrogen peroxide solution in the hair only for the stipulated time (approximately 15 minutes). Washing hair very quickly may not give the desired hair shade, while retaining it for a prolonged period may cause hair damage. Keeping this in mind, note the time and wash hair accordingly.

Step # 5
After leaving peroxide for the stipulated period, you can rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water. Hair experts are of the opinion that using cool water minimizes hair damage and add shine to the hair. You can use a mild shampoo to remove traces of peroxide from the hair and scalp (if any). Read more on home hair bleaching.

Step # 6
It is usual that hair bleaching with peroxide or any other bleaching ingredient cause damage to the hair. In order to restore dry and damaged hair, consider a deep conditioning treatment with a quality product after you lighten your hair. Hair bleaching does not give instant results, but you will notice a lightened hair shade after a few weeks.

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