Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

Brown hair color looks amazing and stylish. Most people love to get their locks colored in a shade of brown. Brown hair color suits almost any hair type, hair style and skin complexion. If your hair is naturally brown or you had it colored that way, how about adding some blonde highlights? Wondering how will blonde highlights in brown hair look? Believe me, it looks simply awesome, just try doing it and I am sure you'll love the new look.

Most of us love the complete blonde look. But the entire length of hair, colored in a blonde shade might not suit everyone. So, you can opt for blonde highlights in brown hair. If your natural hair color is not brown, first color your hair in a shade of brown and then add a few blonde highlights in them. The wrong shade might give you a weird look. So it is important that you choose the right hair color to match your complexion. So if your complexion is fair, go for light brown, and if your complexion is dark, opt for dark brown. Further, opt for a blonde shade which will go well with the selected brown shade. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the perfect shade of blonde to match the shade of brown hair.

Choosing the Blonde Shade for Highlighting Brown Hair
Brown is the most flexible hair color, and it renders the hair perfect for highlights. You can experiment a lot with light or dark brown hair.

For light brown hair color, caramel and bright blonde tones look great. You can have broad strands highlighted in one of the blonde shades. Golden blonde or ash blonde also look amazing on light brown hair. If you hair is light brown, you must completely avoid red blonde. This blonde shade does not blend properly with light brown hair. For medium brown hair color, ash, golden, strawberry or rust tones of blonde look superb. Combination of light blonde and red blonde will also give a unique and modish look to medium brown hair.

Dark brown hair suits any complexion. Hair colored in this shade looks extremely natural and beautiful. You need to take extra care in case of highlights for dark hair, as some shades of blonde might look strikingly odd. Light brown and copper blonde highlights look perfect on dark brown hair. Chestnut blonde is one of the best options for highlighting dark brown hair. For dark brown hair, needle like blonde streaks look better as compared to broad streaks. You can also try red or honey blonde needle streaks for dark brown hair.

White, platinum and silver blonde highlights in brown hair look stunning if your complexion is fair. Caramel blonde highlights go well with any shade of brown hair. If you don't want striking highlights, then opt for this shade of blonde.

Blonde highlights in brown hair add a lot of dimension and depth, and enhance the complete appearance of hair. Blonde highlights in brown hair look great, irrespective of the fact that your hair is straight or curly. Remember, after you opt for any of the above hair coloring ideas, you need to strictly follow the hair care routine. Blonde highlights for brown hair make your locks instantly noticeable and have a dazzling effect on your face. So get your hair streaked with blonde highlights and flaunt this extremely stylish look.

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