Trendy Hairstyles for Women

Today, working women mostly prefer to have a short haircut as that is much easier to manage. The mushroom style hair cut is among the most trendy haircuts for women presently. It is a very easy haircut too. In this style, the hair on the sides and the back of the head is cut short. The length of the hair at the front is kept shorter than that of the back. Apparently, it looks as if a bowl has been placed on the head and all the hair that was visible have been cut. For this reason, it is also known by many other names like bowl cut, beach cut pot cut, etc. The length of the hair at the forehead is shorter than that at the back. This looks really nice when you wear vibrant color clothes with it.

The short bob hair cut is also one of the most trendy hairstyles for women. It has a sleekness and sophistication of its own, and will suit women of any age group. The latest trend in this style is to start the bob cut from below the ears. A thin fringe or bang will make the bob look more fashionable. Punk style haircut is another short hairstyle which is highly popular particularly among college students. Hair colors with soft shades like pink or yellow will further add up to the style. The most important thing required to carry a punk haircut is the right attitude. It will suit you well only if you have a sporty attitude.

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