Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles
Summer is the time when the heat and humidity makes everyone feels hot and sticky. Even then people like to sport a trendy hairstyle that is fun, sexy and manageable. Summer hairstyles 2009 has many such great hairstyles that are in vogue, accentuates your features and also keeps you cool.

From the easy hairstyles 2009 try out the short and light hairstyle that is great fun to carry. This hairstyle gives a cut below the ear bob with different layers to give that shaggy and sexy look. You can also add light blond highlights for that something extra. The short boy-cut from summer hairstyles 2009 is also popular this season that is sported by many celebrities.

The ponytail hairstyle from summer hairstyles 2009 is by far the best for both the sexes. This is really a cool hairstyle with minimal effort as your hair is pulled back off your face and neck to keep off that stifling feeling. You can work it up further with a styling gel and a clip or pin to get that casual yet elegant look.

The angled bob hairstyle is also one of the most evergreen and still happening hairstyles from the range of summer hairstyles 2009. Many of the popular present day celebrities can be noticed sporting this particular hairstyle. The classic shaped bob is still one of the hottest hairstyles promoted by summer hairstyles 2009. This hairstyle keeps the hair longer in the front and is cut to frame the face.

Women with round or square face having high cheekbones should opt for the blunt bangs hairstyles from summer hairstyles 2009. This hairstyle helps tone down the cheekbones and is cut just over the eyebrow level to give you that modern and sophisticated look. The longer version of the razor cut bob is here to stay this season and is another of those hot hairstyles from summer hairstyles 2009. The hair is cut at a length that it drops to the shoulders and is complimented with pretty hair picks and other accessories.

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