Rock the Kristen Stewart Mullet This Season

The Kristen Stewart mullet look has recently come into being. The female mullet look originated back in the 80's. Today many women are attempting to emulate this look. Minor modifications have been made to enhance this style. Females look sexy and racy with this look. This look has become as popular with woman as the mullet has become for men due to stars like Billy Ray Cyrus.
Women who want the appearance of a longer neck should wear this hairstyle. Round faces and emphasizing the area around the eyes and the cheekbones.

The style is identified due to the long hair at the back and short hair on top. Any style will suit this hairstyle and these are some of them are wavy, cascading, wild, curly, straight and spiky. All of these will qualify as mullet provided it is short on top and long at the back.

This hairstyle looks great no matter what color the hair is. An angular look is achieved with dark black hair. This suits people are tall and thin. It gives the look of Japanese manga in a nice way. Long and short layers contrast nicely and give a pretty look. A flat iron is the apparatus to use to achieve this look successfully.

To achieve the look of unplugged, short layers asymmetrical and upward are required. To more elongate your face then comb longer layers at the front. You can also achieve a look that is different by combing the hair forwards.

Achieve the messy look with platinum blond hair and dark smouldering make up. To do this you need to have your hair cut into choppy layers and it should frame your face.

The Kristen Stewart mullet look used only one color on Kristen Stewart. The beauty of the femullet is the versatility. Any colors can be used, dark and light colors can be blended to give a superb look.

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