Kristen Stewart

Nineteen- year old Kristen Stewart also known as Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan on the Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga is back with her irresistible charisma that will surely blow you away.
Kristen Stewart, seems to be more lady- like in the Twilight Saga third installment of the movie adaptation of Eclipse. Being the apple of the eye of a vampire, Edward Cullen, characterized by the handsome Rob Pattinson and of the hottie Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, Bella (Stewart) is now getting more confuse of with her feeling for the two guys.

Now that Edward (Pattinson) is back to marry her, Bella is up to decide whether she'll be transformed as a vampire and be immortal like Edward or remain mortal just as how her best buddy, Jacob wishes. Despite of Bella's second thoughts of about marriage, considering the effect of her parents' divorce, Bella still decided to be one with Edward. But the story doesn't end there, because trouble awaits the love story of the vampire and the mortal.

Victoria, who's definitely back in rage, will bring the dilemma for the couple. Because of this, Jacob offers his hand to Edward as they become Bella's guardians. But as Jacob and Bella goes deeper in their friendship, so as Jacob's feelings for her. Edward, being man enough, he manages to deal this issue as he accepts that this was the consequence of leaving Bella on New Moon.

On the third installment of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, wait as Bella face the new chapter of her life as she accepts Edward's proposal. How will Jacob bear Bella's decision? Watch out as Summit Entertainment proudly brings you to the reunion of Edward and Bella, be part of the joined forces of the long- time rivals - the vampires and the werewolves as they combat against Victoria's plot against Bella.
Many of you remember her as Bella Swan, the love interest of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black in the Twilight saga. She is the actress behind the sweet and mysterious girl who lives is Forks, Washington, who seems to live a normal life, until she falls in love with Edward, and later on with Jacob. She is the classy actress behind this role which has sky-rocketed the popularity of the novels, and her popularity as an actress herself. The second installment of the Twilight Saga is coming very soon, and her fame will only be much more felt as the opening night comes close. However, her acting resume does not end in the Twilight movies alone. She has proven in her other projects that she is a versatile actress. For more information about Kristen Stewart - and the making of "The Runaways" movie, all you have to do is read on.

Kirsten Stewart is behind the up and coming movie The Runaways. This movie chronicles the journey of the group with the same name in the mid seventies. This movie depicts the story of the teenage girls who were disrespectfully manipulated by their manager, Kim Fowley. They may have faced a lot of challenges in their journey, but the Runaways eventually made it big. They are often regarded as the first all-girl band that has joined the elite list of bands that consistently fill arenas with their rock acts.

The movie focuses on the origin of the band, how the band got into place, and its ultimate rise to success and fame. Cherry Bomb, the band's first hit in the United States, became their flagship song and placed their band in the music industry. One successful concert after another helped make them even more famous. They did not only make it big here in the U.S, since they also became quite popular in the rest of the world. They particularly stamped their band's worldwide fame when they reached Japan. Their hit song Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin stayed popular for a very long time there and in most of the world.

Kirsten Stewart stars as Joan Jett in this movie. She did a lot of rehearsals during the making of this movie. Her role is the exact opposite of her role in Twilight, so she had to forget her Bella Swan side and become the iconic rock chick that her role demanded her to be.

She has a steamy scene with fellow popular actress Dakota Fanning. This scene has catapulted the movie to newer heights of popularity. It has made the internet world searching and reading about the movie months before its release. Kirsten even remarked that doing the steamy scene with Dakota Fanning was undoubtedly awkward at first, but then became easy and free flowing later on.

Kirsten Stewart will prove in this movie that she can outdo her stellar performance in the Twilight saga. The making of the Runaways proves that her role is a tough one, but she is definitely up to the challenge. The Runaways is due for release in 2010.

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