Paris Hilton Sued for Wearing Someone Else's Hair

Paris Hilton should probably be reading her contract instead of the Art of War.  She is being sued for $35 million by Hairtech Dream Catchers Hair extensions line.  She was caught wearing a competitor's hair extensions in magazines and on TV while under contract with Hairtech, a Beverly Hills Company.  Hairtech also accuses Paris of public debauchery tarnishing her public image.  Funny, I thought her image was created because of her public debauchery.  Anyway she also missed an important public event for the company because she was, wait for it jail.  You can't expect a girl to stage a prison break just to stand in front of 600 hair professionals for god's sake.  It's not like she missed a sale at Neimans.  Anyway, the amount of the suit is 10 times the amount of her contract.

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