Inverted Bob Haircut

As popular as it was in 2009, the inverted bob haircut is all set to maintain its position in 2010 as well. An inverted bob haircut is trendy and fashionable, and is a common choice among various celebrities from the very stylish Victoria Beckham to Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton.

Apart from being fashionable, this short haircuts is also easy to maintain. It stays where it is, and is a boon for those who are unable to manage long hair. It's a style that tapers at the neck, and is longer than the rest of the hair on either side of the face, thereby appearing asymmetrical. It is good for those who want to make their hair look more voluminous. Its name may be deceptive, but it is still very feminine, and continues to remain popular through every generation.

The inverted bob haircut defines modernity in the person, who flaunts it. There are several variations of this hairstyle, some of which include the long inverted bob haircut, the inverted bob haircut with bangs, and the layered inverted bob haircut. Take a look at some modified versions of the inverted bob that are here to stay!

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