Beauty Makeovers For Successful Job Interviews

In the current economy, with so many people out of work, it seems like a good idea to touch up images, as well ascontinued " .In my 40 years as a hairdresser and day spa owner ,I have helped many clients improve their appearance with a new hairstyle, color, and makeup. I also interviewed many people who wanted to work for me, and some were not prepared to impress me with their appearance.

a minute to meet a prospective employer, they are usually up to now based on your appearance, confidence and professionalism. Then, they look at your resume ', so see if you pass this first test, the rest is downhill. Let's talk about hair. Most young women like long hair, it's okay if the hair is really beautiful, nicely shaped and in good condition. I've seen it all, not everyone is suited for long hair or hair is thin and wiry or thick and dense. I look at face shape, shape and determine what will be the most flattering hairstyle. At the round face, soft brush layers that are flattering and cheeks for a long face, create volume and soft bangs usually flattering.

Some of the most beautiful woman I saw had very short cropped hair color that is flattering to their complexion. Fashion reds, shiny dark brown, and soft blonde shades are great, depending on the person. I had an employee who has had very little money, but the savvy buyer, she came to work in the big outfits every day. She sometimes even shopped in a thrift store, but he knew the designer labels when he saw them. So, you see, you do not have a lot of money to create a great look. Just find a few really good clothes for those interviews. the worst thing you can do is to go for something really trendy. Stay with the classics and keep it simple. Not a lot of jewelry and accessories. Also, make sure your clothes fit well. Clothes that are too snug and tacky if they are wide, well, you get the picture.

When it comes to makeup, the rule is: less is best. Keep your makeup subtle and use only enough to cover blemishes or uneven skin. Some soft blush on the upper cheek bone and soft shadows on the eyelids. One thing you can do a little more difficult to mascara. Especially if you have really light eyelashes, which do not show up. Just make sure you do not have breasts, or under the eye patch. As for eyebrows, make sure you're nicely shaped and tweezed. Small accent color here is fine, if you need it.

Now you're ready for the all important interview. Do not forget to smile and shake the hands of the interviewer. Have a second copy of your resume with you, so if they ask about it, you can relate to him. Finally, the next day or so, send thank you notes for the interview. I thank them for their time and tell them if you are very interested in the job. Not many people do and it makes a lasting impression.

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