Beautiful Long Curly Hairstyles for Women

Find and get the 2011 new curly hairstyles for long hair.
Many women wear their hair in long curls. The style is flattering and fun for a wide range of occasions.  For normal daily wear in an office setting, this is a perfectly acceptable style; for a more formal evening, it is often chosen as well as for bridal parties and graduations.  It is an easily attainable style and becoming on many women.

Facial Styles

Certainly, oval shaped faces easily support long curls, as do round shaped faces.  The longer styles with some waves are very lovely for many faces.  For ladies who have  pear shaped, diamond, square, or heart shaped faces, this styles may be less flattering, and probably not a favored fashion.

Creating the curls:Get the best long curly hairstyle
dark long curly hairstyle with bangs
dark long curly hairstyle picture

Some women are lucky in that their hair easily supports long curls, certainly the “Shirley Temple” look is adorable on little girls, but by the time they grow up, they don’t necessarily want that many curls!  But there are other women who want curls in their straight hair, and truly have some work to do to successfully achieve that look.  Starting with the shampoo, for ladies who want curls, try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, particularly one that is sulfate-free.  Use a curl-enhancing gel to bring out the natural curl – if there is any – as well as hold the curl and give the hair extra shine.  If a blow dryer must be used, make sure to use a diffuser to allow the curls not to be blasted out.  For the added curls, use a ceramic curling iron because they distribute the heat to curl hair from the inside out;  which results in less heat damage than the metal curling irons.  A final tip is to use a lightly smaller curling iron than would normally be used – ensuring longer lasting curls.


For many women who prefer long curls, the general agreement is it makes them feel youthful, pretty, and sexy; perhaps even bringing out that suppressed bohemian spirit of their inner nature.  Long curls are very pretty for everyday working environments and quite luxurious for formal evening and bridal events; certainly adding to the loveliness of the lady.

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