Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

Here is one girl that just never seems to age, and even though she is approaching 40, you would never guess, as Jennifer Aniston seems to have locked in the beauty tips that keep her looking young year after year.

Jennifer is seen here on the set of her latest movie ‘The Baster’ and in between takes, she took a few minutes here and there to send and receive some texts that brought a big smile to her face. Jennifer is a gorgeous woman, there is simply no argument there, and she is another girl that seems to master that girl next door look and still look stunning all the time.

Here she doesn’t appear to be immaculately styled, but for Jennifer, it doesn’t seem to matter whether she is on the red carpet or hanging on the streets of New York, she always looks amazing. And it is this girl next door look that really seems to be the big trend right now, which should be a key to you when you are mastering your own signature style. A little bit of simple goes a long way here.

Jennifer’s hair has been styled in the half up half down look, in a very casual manner that has no muss or fuss. And though she may look a little rumpled, the look seems to work with the rest of her style with her jeans, coat, and casual but chic scarf.

This look is easy to accomplish with a very straight blow out, hang your head upside down when blowdrying to get the volume that Jennifer has here, and simply pin back the top sections of your hair for an easy and casual look that still looks pulled together.

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