The Handsome Hats and Long Hair's Stunning Collocation 2011

The Handsome Hats and Long Hair's Stunning Collocation 2011You are extremely wrong if you just think hats only have the warm function. In addition to their basic function, they can embellish your hairstyle and make sure that your hair is not to be messy outside. For example, with wind blows, long hair is easy to lose modeling. Choosing a suitable hat to your hairstyle will keep your charm and shape your different styles. What kind of design hats are the most popular this season? Here I recommend a few most suitable hats for long hair beauties which give you star looks. Whichever you wear, such as fedora, brimmed felt hat or equestrian hat, they are handsome.

The shallow crown fedoras at the very beginning are men's patent, now they gradually become women's endearments. Hats themselves are very neuter, which can bring able-mindedness and handsome feeling. So you need to use your feminine type hair style to balance it. If you are blessed with long supple hair, or leisurely curl, try making the hair into a loose and chic chignon, then hide it in the hat, then pick out a few finely wisps beside both cheeks. And shoulder hair might as well as can be made into two small braids; they are really playful and fashionable. If you have a bang, take it to one side, and cover with hat and revealing half of bang is good enough. Horsetail is pretty good as well.

Brimmed Cap
In the 1970s large curls is perfect match to brimmed cap absolutely, so is it nowadays. If you want to try this wild style, you can use hair-curler to make the hair into big curl, and then spray some moist to fix the modeling. If you are with curly hair, just use pomade to make hair brighter. If you can tip the hair slightly outwards, it would be a lovely restoring ancient look. As far as long hair is concerned, a messy braid is a quite good choice; what's more, complemented with a delicate hair ribbon brings out best effect.

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