Tips for Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles are in the spotlight more than ever, having permeated the spring 2011 runways
The punk hairstyle is not as famous as the others simply because it’s not usually seen in the mainstream media. It is seldom adapted by fashion magazines. However, this is one of the most liberating hairstyles you will ever find.
2011 punk hairstyle for long hair

The concept of punk hairstyle started around 1970s, when punk rock music also began. It’s a kind of rock music that is more considered to be indie, with plenty of instrumentation and short lyrics with too-personal messages, such as the singer’s or band’s views on politics. This music is normally played in the basements, garages, and underground clubs and bars.

Punk rock was established as a way of “protesting” the excesses of commercial rock music during the time. Simply put, punk rock is all about individuality and self-expression, characteristics that are translated into the hairstyles.

Simple Rules

If you want to go for a punk hairstyle, then make sure that you’re ready for it, because you are demanded to be as outrageous, daring, and true to yourself as possible. Moreover, you should not be bothered by other people’s stares or snide remarks about how you look.

This simple principle explains why punk hairstyles make use of a lot of hair colors and dos that can be called as odd or weird by others. Nevertheless, when you wear the punk hairstyle, you better enjoy it.


Punk hairstyles can come in wide varieties, though there are some that are now labelled as iconic.

Rihanna’s side-shaved, bi-tonal do gives the ’80s style a modern update.
You can don the original punk, which is the easiest thing you can do. The basic element here is spike. You need to come up with spike hairs without really having to cut anything. You simply need to rely on a large amount of holding and styling gel to make sure that your divided hair strands will stand properly on top of your crown.

Then there’s also the Mohawk. A lot of people believe that the hairstyle was once worn by the Mohicans, hence the name. Nobody can really tell for sure, except one fact: it became very popular during the early parts of the 1980s.
In a Mohawk, both sides of your head will be shaved, but you leave the center hair intact. You then have the option of creating spikes out of the retained hair.
A Mohawk may require some maintenance. You need to see to it that the sides of the head will always be clean. Trimming and shaving are necessary then.
A subvariety of the traditional Mohawk will be the dread hawk. Rather than having spikes, you will have dreadlocked hair.
You can also do a Chelsea cut, where you are going to shave your entire head except for the bangs, which are sideswept and fringed.

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